Can't decide in between these 2 headphones. I require something the is comfortable and allows me to obtain a good/decent mix.

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I've been using the same pair of MDR-7506's for around 5 years now and also they still work great. The high finish is clean and crisp and the lows are smooth but not boomy. Ns couldn't recommend any kind of other experienced level headphone.

Also, when I had some music work in LA one of the A-class producers went to pull out his headphones when we to be tracking vocals and low and behold the pulled the end a couple fresh pairs of 7506s and also we soon connected. Castle really space an sector standard pair of cans.

I'll 2nd that. I've had mine for almost 12 years, and they still sound great. The foam's a little bit soft v a slight loss in isolation, yet otherwise they stand the check of time. There's a factor they've to be so typical for therefore long.

i discover MDRs better for longer use times for comfort and they don't it seems to be ~ to exhaustion my ears as easily as the hd-280s. I prefer the hd-280s for clarity though, i uncover the base is a little cleaner top top the hd-280s and also find them much better for concentrating top top individual facets in a mix, but you deserve to definitely attain a great mix utilizing either cans.

The 280s isolation better, have a much more anemic, possibly more flat sound through no pronounce boomy bass yet really great bass extension.. The 7506s have actually a little boomier bass, and also are an ext enjoyable for actually listening come music, but they have actually a bit of high end shimmer. If that is because that mixing then ns would favor the 280s yet they clamp really hard on your head.

Go to guitarcenter try them both out and see which one you choose better, ns think it reflects l the specs on the boxes

I have actually a pair of Sennheisers and they are among the ideal things to happen for me production wise! The base isn't exaggeration which is good for mixing, and also overall it's got great quality because that a relatively low price.

I couldn't say anything around the Sony headphones though, I've actually only offered a pair as soon as in mine ife, and it to be for a few minutes.

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i think the MDRs actually have actually the edge because that isolation, they were designed for eight mic operators and other live record applications for this reason they're really good for surveillance recordings in any kind of environment while no feeding back

Neither, go for the MDR-V6's imo. The MDR-7506's are good but the MRR-V6's are totally flat.