You are passionate about the Twilight universe and would choose to pat the music that the movie on the piano? You space not alone!

The Twilight saga is identified by a magical, romantic and melancholic setting that has seduced a very big audience.

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It’s no wonder the the soundtracks that the films are also really pleasant to listen to. Indeed, it’s full of beautiful songs, which accumulate a deep romanticism to those that listen to them.

Many amateur musicians want to beat the Twilight music ~ above the piano.

That’s why we made decision to create this article listing the 10 ideal Twilight music to play top top the piano. Let’s obtain started!

Accuracy: all these songs are accessible on ours app committed to piano learning. For this reason you deserve to learn castle easily.


1 – river Flows in girlfriend – Yiruma

River flows in You is a tune composed by South korean pianist Yiruma and also released in 2001 in his first album, entitled First Love.

The music gained great popularity as soon as it was liked to be component of the soundtrack that the Twilight movies.

In the romantic and neo-classical genre, River flows in You is among the most beautiful piano song from the Twilight saga.

Many amateur musician who are fans of Twilight would prefer to play that on piano.

The original music is not an extremely easy come play for beginners. Nevertheless, La Touche Musicale proposes in its brochure of song to beat on the piano straightforward version that this title. Beginner and advanced players alike deserve to learn come play that in just a few days.

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To access the piano paper music the River flows in You through Yiruma, click here.


Twilight on the piano: discover River flows in You top top La Touche Musicale.
Learn quickly the song River operation in You through Yiruma on piano top top La Touche Musicale app.



2 – Bella’s Lullaby – Carter Burwell

Bella’s Lullaby is a piano music composed by Carter Burwell for the soundtrack the the movie Twilight: Fascination, exit in 2009.

It shows up for the an initial time in the sequence of the film wherein Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) plays the on the piano in former of Bella.

In the scene, it need to be provided that Robert Pattinson really plays it and also was not called by a experienced pianist.

Bella’s Lullaby is a deep romantic music that will certainly seduce your entourage. It’s additionally a reasonably easy melody to play on the piano, among the easiest in the Twilight saga.

To access the piano score of Bella’s Lullaby through Carter Burwell, click here.


Learn come play Bella\"s Lullaby ~ above La Touche Musicale.
Learn easily the track Bella’s Lullaby on piano ~ above La Touche Musicale app.

3 – Clair de lune – Claude Debussy

Clair de lune is a composition because that piano written by the French romantic pianist Claude Debussy in between 1890 and 1905.

Included in his famous Suite Bergamasque, Clair de lune is the 3rd movement of the entirety work.

The director of the Twilight saga made decision to incorporate it into the soundtrack the the movies in order come reinforce the deep romantic personality of the work.

It’s one of the most renowned piano pieces of all time and also one that the many nostalgic.

Learning to play Clair de lune ~ above the piano will allow you to immerse you yourself in Claude Debussy’s unique world and also release an remarkable emotion.

The original music is not very easy to play for beginners. The second part, after the introduction, has actually a an extremely fast rhythm. However, La Touche Musicale likewise offers an simpler version the the song. Therefore you deserve to learn it without difficulty.

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