This easy-to-clean and practical bag has a distinct stay open feature that makes access simple for a great price


The Skip Hop Mainframe vast Open Backpack is designed v durability, price, and also versatility in mind. The is a lighter weight diaper bag contrasted to the ones us tested. It weighs 1.8 lbs, which remained in the top third of the group. The lightly of the bag will aid when it is totally loaded with every one of the vital baby gear.

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The Skip Hop Mainframe broad Open has plenty that interior space and will stay open to quickly see inside.

One the the cool things around this bag is the structured framework that permits you to open up the top and it will remain open. No folding down on itself, no open up close, open up close. Must grab diapering supplies? maybe to with in with one hand come grab the diaper cream friend didn"t establish you necessary without having to reopen the bag. It has a light fabric interior to aid contrast the inner supplies to make them more visible. Once you are all set to near up, the zippered optimal helps to relief that whatever will continue to be inside.


We to be pleased with the lot of exterior storage this bag offers. We were may be to fill away all our diaper bag essentials through some room to spare. We love that there space two open side pockets, perfect because that fitting a water bottle and a sippy cup. The front zippered bag is perfect because that a wallet and also other parental essentials, and it sports secondary tech bag for her phone. Us are likewise pleased with the two insulated party pockets that space perfect for a lengthy day far from home and not uncovered on all of the competition.

The bag is a nice balance of versatility with a tote or backpack lug option. That is a cute bag that works for boys or girls and also for moms or dads to bring without being also babyish. It deserve to also change well come a small overnight bag once your diaper days room over. Every one of this in ~ a an extremely reasonable price making it a great choice when assessing your diaper bag purchase.


While we were pleased through multiple elements of the Mainframe, no product is perfect.

While the exterior that this bag is loaded through multiple pockets and also thoughtful design, the inner doesn"t share the very same functionality. While over there is a slot because that your an altering pad and two stretchy pockets because that diapers and wipes, the is all of the organization attributes you will discover inside. The downside? uneven you invest in some business bags, all of the gear you load inside will be floating around, waiting to it is in shuffled from next to side. Us feel prefer the roomy interior could use an upgrade to store items in their place with added pockets or zippered compartments.

The other problem is the uncomfortable straps. When they are durable, they room severely lacking beneficial padding. Through the amount of equipment you have to fit into a diaper bag, it needs to be comfortable to wear and also carry. The straps it seems ~ to be made likewise to chair belts, but not together thick and also wide.

If you pick to wear the bag as a backpack for a lengthy time, this straps will certainly be digging right into your shoulders. In bespeak to balance out the discomfort, you have the right to loosen the straps but that can produce other comfort-related issues. We indicate trying it on with some added weight in the bag to recognize if the will job-related for you. Us wish that Skip Hop would certainly go earlier to the drawing board and create some straps with sufficient padding to make this an ext comfortable to wear.

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The bottom heat is the Mainframe is a roomy, versatile, long lasting bag the is has actually a nice price tag. The bag can be toted or worn as a backpack to fit her style. The truth that you are able to open it and it will certainly stay open up is going come come in comfortable making that a choice we think you will certainly be pleased with.

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