What Does Madison From Secret Life Of The American Teenager Madison ?

Renee Olstead gives the scoop on Madison’s ‘internal struggle’ this season.

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On The Secret Life of the American Teenager,Madison (Renee Olstead) is learning the hard way that it doesn’t pay to be slutty. Lauren (Camille Winbush) and Amy (Shailene Woodley) still haven’t forgiven her for sleeping with Lauren’s boyfriend Jesse (Austin Stowell) — and it doesn’t look like they’re going to give in any time soon.“It’s going to be a while before Amy and Lauren let her back in the friend circle,” Renee tells exclusively.

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“At her core, she’s still a follower,” Renee says of Madison. “By sleeping with her friend’s boyfriend, she was just trying to validate herself. I think she validates herself through other people, and that’s something she’s never strayed too far from. By nature, she’s someone who wants to get approval from other people.”

Renee says Madison will spend the rest of the season trying to earn back the girls’ trust, and her journey might just lead her down a whole new path.

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“Anyone who lost their best friends would be jumping through hoops trying to get them back,” Renee says. “She doesn’t feel like she’s a part of them, and she’s realizing how hard it is to make it without her best friends. There’s going to be a lot of internal struggle for Madison.”

What do YOU think about the rift in Madison’s friendship with Amy and Lauren? Should they forgive her for sleeping with Jesse, or should her skanky ways get herexiledfrom the group forever? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to check out ABC Family’s Secret Life page for more show info.

— Andy Swift


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