Seagate Backup Plus Vs Wd My Book, Seagate Backup Plus Hub Vs Wd My Book

I'm looking for an external data storage (media; movies, music) and I'm perplexed between WD My Book 8TB or Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Hub USB 3.0 8TB. I prefer the design and bit lower price of the Seagate, but actual performance and long term reliability is more important for me. So if there's no serious difference on the inside I would go with Seagate. I just want to make the best choice, which one do you recommend and why?


The Seagate ones are generally archive drives, so tend to run a bit slower. The MyBooks, use drives that are believed to be either Red's or Blues (all whitelabeled). Personally, I would go for the MyBook.

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I use the seagate desktop hub..i have like 10 or so.. one i had to return cuz it died overnight but no problems with the others. They are typically archive drives so if speed isnt a big deal its usually a cheaper drive and goes on sale often here

If you don't mind losing the data when there's all a malfunction (hardware encryption), I'd opt for the WD because the drive inside should be white label and are generally speaking better drives.

I recently bought a 6TB external hard drive, I had the same considerations as you. I ended up buying a WD Elements 6TB desktop external HDD for $129 (which at the time was $10 more than a Seagate Backup Plus 6TB). I actually prefer the Seagate BP's design too, but decided to get the WD because it “seemed” more reliable. By that I mean the Seagate BP has a 4/5 rating on Amazon, with quite a few recent reviews saying it failed on them. The WD Elements has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. From reading around it also seems in general Seagate is considered less reliable. So I ended up buying the WD and so far so good. Speeds are good and I also ran a full sector check (that took 12 hours!) that showed everything's healthy out of the box.

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Also if you're wondering the difference between WD Elements and WD My Book (other than design) is that the My Book comes pre-loaded with WD software for things like backups, and I believe it is also hardware-encrypted (which actually caused issues for some people when trying to recover data or when shucking). The WD Elements is clean, doesn't come with any software though of course you can use whatever backup and encryption software you want. However it seems there is no WD Elements 8TB. Also FWIW the WD My Book has “only” 4/5 stars on Amazon.

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WD Elements and My Books desktop drives usually come with a 3.5' WD Blue 5400RPM drive inside. Another popular option is WD Easystore which usually comes with WD Red, and is usually the preferred option around here (I would've bought an Easystore too but it couldn't ship for me so went with Elements).

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