Schick Hydro 5 Vs Gillette Fusion 5 Vs, Schick Hydro

Both Gillette and Schick offer a great variety of razors featuring pivoting cartridges. The Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide is famous for its superior engineering and innovative design. On the other hand, Schick Hydro 5 is one of those few razors that gave me a fairly close shave without nicking my skin or causing razor bumps.

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So, between Gillette vs Schick- which razor should you choose? Which razor has better features? Which one offers a complete bang for the buck? In this article, I will compare the best and worst features of both models.

But before I get to the comparison part, read the in-depth reviews of these two amazing razors. This will make it easier to understand the similarities and differences between both.

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Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s RazorSchick Hydro 5 Razor

Gillette vs Schick: In Depth Comparison Table

FeaturesGillette Schick
Precision Trimmer Yes Yes
Blades 5 5
Refills 2 2
Low Friction Coating Yes No
Lubrastrip Yes Yes
FlexBall Yes No
Cooling No No
Price Check Price Check Price

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor



Despite having a sleeker handle than Fusion models, Hydro 5 is easier to maneuver. It is slightly heavier, having a weight to balance ratio perfect for wet shaving. You see, the handle should ideally be a little hefty in order to provide a good balance. The handle also provides a firm grip.

The hydrating gel reservoir on it which they call lubricating reservoir filled with aloe-enriched conditioner and mineral oils. Once you dip the blade in warm water, the gel begins to release. This makes the blade glides smoothly, very smoothly. By doing so, it significantly reduces shaving time. You can quickly shave a week old stubble under 5 minutes.

Also, you can fold back the hydration gel reservoir in order to achieve a really clean shave. Although it still may leave a rough patch of beard behind, I don’t mind it. I actually kind of like a faded line of beard around my chin line and jawbone. So this is perfect for me.

However, if you don’t want a single trace of beard on your face, maybe the final result won’t satisfy you. Totally up to you. By the way, the flip guard at the top works as a built-in trimmer by exposing the top blades. Although it is nowhere nearly ask good as the Fusion5 built-in trimmer, it does a good job at shaving the tricky spots of your body.

The blades are so smooth and gentle on skin that even woman can use it for shaving their hands, armpits, legs, and even the private region. Also, if you are a youngster who is about to buy his first ever razor, this could be a great choice.

It is because your face has never experienced any blade tension before, therefore it is highly prone to injuries and razor bumps. So it is better to start off with a razor like this which actively guards your skin against razor burns, rashes and nicking.

What Could Be Better?

Hydro 5 is a near perfect razor for its price. The overall functionality is ideal for all kinds of shaving and body grooming. However, when it specifically comes to close shaving, Hydro 5 misses the mark. I have thin stubble yet I’m always left with a rough stubble after shaving. Hydro 5 is only good men who like to keep a stubble and those looking for a quick shave before an important meeting or date.


Excellent lubrication system. Can be used for whole body grooming. The blades cartridges are long-lasting. The weight to balance ratio of the handle is great. Prevents rash, razor bumps, inflammation, and nicking. Easy to clean.

Gillette vs. Schick – Which One Is Better?

I can understand why it must be hard for you to choose between Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide and Hydro 5. Trust me, I know the struggle, I have been there too. Both razors are great in their own unique ways and safe for people with sensitive skin too. So I decided to finally put an end to this Schick vs Gillette debate.

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There’s no easy way to answer which one is better. I think if I make a list of their similarities and differences, the choice will be easier for you. So here we go:

The Similarities Between Gillette and Schick

Number of Blades

To begin with, both razors feature 5 blades, sitting parallel to each other. The blades on both models are ultra-thin, very sharp and durable.

However, I found the Schick blade’s sharpness lasting for more than 10 shaves before the dullness kicks in. On the other hand, the ProGlide blades’ performance started taking a hit after 5-6 shaves.

Built-in Trimmer

Both razors have trimming function. In case of Gillette, the trimmer is a separate blade at the backside of cutting surface. To use the Hydro 5 for trimming, you will have to flip the white color guard on the shaving head to expose the top blades.

While both trimmers do a great job, I like the ProGlide’s better as I can clearly view where I am maneuvering the trimmer.

Lubrication Strips

Both razors have employed lubrication on their blade to help the blades glide smoothly and provide an irritation-free shaving experience. While the Gillette Fusion blades have blue strips smeared with gel, Schick utilizes a sealed reservoir which has 100% pure conditioner in it.

That’s why Fusion blade’s lubrication starts to fade after 5 or 6 shaves whereas the Hydro 5 keeps releasing a good amount of hydration gel for over 10 shaves.

Low-Friction Blade Coating

Fusion ProGlide blades have low-friction coating on them which minimizes tugging and pulling. There’s no such coating on Hydro 5 which might result in occasional tugging if your beard is too long.

Blade Clogging

The Fusion5 ProGlide blades don’t trap hair or shaving foam between blades, thanks to its excellent water flow path. Compared to this, the Schick blades can clog sometimes when you are shaving a thick bunch of beard. However, if you are using shaving oil instead of foam, unclogging would be easier.

FlexBall Handle Technology

Gillette FlexBall handle technology allows the blades to contour and shave the tight spots easily. It also eliminates the need for repeated passes on the same area for a clean shave.

While Hydro 5’s shaving head is quite flexible too, it is not as good as FlexBall tech. This is the sole reason why Schick Hydro 5 blades can’t shave as close as Fusion 5. It leaves behind a rough stubble on your face, leading to a sandpaper feeling which many of you may dislike.

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Handle’s Weight to Balance Ratio

Schick features a heftier handle than Fusion5. The former feels much better in hand and assures better maneuverability too. The Hydro 5 handle also provides a great balance, making it perfect for first-time users. I’d suggest Fusion to more experienced shavers as it has a bit of a learning curve.

The Bottom Line

So if you are looking for a well-engineered, power-packed cartridge razor for a really close shave, Fusion ProGlide is your best bet. However, in terms of value for money and smoothness of shaving, Hydro 5 is far superior. Therefore, ultimately, it all comes down to your shaving needs, skin type, and budget. Choose the one that perfectly fits the bill. Good luck!

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