The Samsung Level U and also the Level U agree are one of the affordable wireless headphones and also they are the ideal selling wireless headphones among Samsung users. Now you plainly cannot use these headphones for running or too intensive exercise sessions as they space not specifically meant for sporting activities activities.

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However, you have the right to use both these headphones for your gym sessions and a 1-2 hour gym session wouldn’t execute it lot harm. So, if you space just obtaining started v gym and also want a budget wireless headphone that you deserve to use both for the gym and work then keep analysis this compare post.

Design and Build Quality

Both the Level U and also the Level U pro headphones look comparable Both the headphones come in a comparable neckband however the neckband in the Level U is a little more dense and also heavy yet thinner in comparison come the Level U Pro. The neckband top top the Level U pro is more flexible and you that fits yes, really well if you are wearing it in ~ the gym.

Now the style is perfect for any type of neck and also the headset comes v volume controls top top the neckband and also a charging port. The slight difference in the architecture of the two is the placement of the charging port however apart indigenous that whatever seems to it is in similar.

Level U agree

The earbuds of the 2 headphones room a tiny different whereby you have actually a better seal v the Level U Pro and a relatively less seal through the Samsung Level U headphones. The earbuds space magnetic for this reason they stick with each other which is another added advantage while exercising.

Level U

Sound Quality

The sound high quality of the headphones is pretty amazing however it is pretty obvious that the sound high quality on the Level U pro is means much far better than the Sound top quality on the Level U.

The Level U pro has actually a way much far better seal which suggests that it come with an excellent noise cancellation giving fantastic music quality. The Level U, ~ above the other hand, enables external noise come seep in when music is being played and definitely go not provide as great a noise cancellation together in the case of the Pro.

The headphones have actually the volume controls top top the neckband and also the connectivity v the Level U agree is much less complicated in comparison to the Level U. Girlfriend can quickly say that the Level U pro has enhanced sound quality and connectivity features in comparison come the Samsung Level U.


Both the headphones are comfortable and also the neckband is incredibly light. They room really comfortable to wear in the gym, although you might not desire to go the end running attract them. The earbuds ~ above the Level U pro was much an ext comfortable because that me due to the fact that they to the right perfectly.

Since these are not exactly- sporting activities Bluetooth headphones, you should think about using them for simply one or two-hour gym workout sessions particularly the Level U headphones due to the fact that they are not completely waterproof.

These headphones are in its entirety comfortable come wear, v the winner gift the Level U pro as that is undoubtedly much more comfortable and waterproof making it much more suitable because that gym and also workout sessions.


The headphones have lasted really lengthy for many users. Friend can quickly use this headphones for around 2 years, however, you can want come take treatment of them and minimum maintenance is required. If you plan on using them and also tossing lock in her gym bag then they could not last also a year.

Samsung Level U pro headphones are waterproof and also sweatproof. Yes, this indicates they have the right to stand water but they space not recommended for swimming. So, using them for gym sessions would be perfect. On the other hand, the Level U headphones room neither sweat nor water resistant which method they are just great for listening to songs and also taking increase calls.

You cannot use the Level U headphones for gym sessions due to the fact that of them no being waterproof therefore making the Level U pro the clear winner in this feature as well.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Level U headphones is about 11 hours. This is an amazing battery life and it can easily last you the entire day. Girlfriend can also use it for days without charging it in ~ all. The battery life on this headphones space perfect for long-term usage and also you can use castle for job-related to take up calls.

Level U pro headphones, ~ above the other hand, large for approximately 9 hours and they space pretty great as well. When compared, the Level U headphones do have a much better battery life however you cannot overlook the reality that the Level U headphones are sweat and also water resistant.

The battery life on both the headphones is pretty exceptional and means above the usual standards but if a winner has to be declared then it has to be the Level U headphones with 11 hours battery life.

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Both the headphones have actually some an excellent features yet when contrasted the Samsung Level U agree headphones are lot lighter, comfortable, durable and also give wonderful noise cancellation. This features collection them except the normal Level U headphones.

I think that is for sure to say that the Level U pro is the clear winner and if you are planning on buying one then I would certainly recommend the Level U agree for your gym sessions. Check out both the headphones on Amazon and let us understand what girlfriend think in the comments ar below!