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Fabric and garment steamers are coming in pretty handy these days. You will be able to iron the fabric with the help of these steamers by removing the wrinkles. Also, the turnaround time for removing the wrinkles with the help of these fabric steamers is also on the lower side. When you look at the different options which are available for fabric steamers, you will come across quite a few choices like Conair ExtremeSteam Steamer, Secura Instant-Steam, Rowenta DR8082, and Shark GS500.

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Rowenta DR8080 Review


With so many different choices across many different brands like URPower Garment Steamer, PurSteam Fabric Steamer, it can be a difficult task to choose the right one. We will today share the Rowenta DR8080 Review to help you better understand why it is one of the best options.

We will 1st and foremost look into the features of this steamer.


Steamer with a large headGenerates steam within 45 secondsEasy to storeCan generate steam for 10 minutes continuouslyAccessories includedEasy to remove the wrinklesThe water tank can be removedVarying steam releaseWorks on different kinds of fabricEasy to use


Steamer with a large head

The large head of the steamer ensures that you are able to spread the steam over a larger area. This ensures that you are able to cover a large garment quite easily.

Quick steam generation

Once you turn on the steamer, it is ready to generate steam within 45 seconds. This ensures that even when you’re short on time, you will be able to use the steamer quite easily.


Easy to store

With the base and chair hanger, you can attach it to any piece of furniture quite easily. This makes it easier for you to store it wherever you want.

Can generate steam for 10 minutes continuously

When the tank is completely full, it is capable of generating steam for 10 minutes consistently. This ensures that you are able to steam and remove wrinkles from a variety of different garment options with a single filling of the tank.

Accessories included

You will be getting a fabric brush as well as pad and steam bonnet along with the steamer. This ensures that any of the necessary accessories which you need will be included.

Can eliminate wrinkles quite easily

The steam which can be produced by the steamer is 22 g per minute. This ensures that you will be able to even remove the most stubborn wrinkles. This makes it much easier for you to iron your clothes quite quickly.

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Removable water tank

The capacity of the water tank is 6.76 ounce. You can easily remove it in order to fill it. This ensures that you are able to easily fill the tank and attach it once again whenever you want to use the steamer.

Different steam release features

You can choose between the consistent steaming mode and the burst mode. Thus, according to usage, you will be able to vary the production of steam. This will also make the steamer last for a longer period of time.

Works with a variety of different fabrics

When you are comparing the Best Steam Irons, it is important to make sure that it is suitable for a variety of different fabrics. The steamer which we are speaking about today works with normal garments as well as linen as well as drapes. This ensures that with a single steamer, you will be able to easily iron and remove the wrinkles from any kind of fabric.


Easy to use

The form factor of the steamer is such that it can be easily used in a handheld position. This makes it easier for you to steam any kind of fabric.

As a result of all of these features, you can be confident that it is one of the Best Handheld Garment Steamer which you can buy.

Don’t Forget to Read Pros & Cons Before Buying Rowenta DR8080


A large steamer ahead.Generate steam within 45 seconds.It comes along with the necessary accessories.Produce steam consistently for 10 minutes.It can remove wrinkles from multiple types of fabric.A removable water tank.An adequate sized water tank with a capacity of 6.76 ounces.Easily attached to any piece of furniture.


It is not suitable for delicate and thin fabric.The build quality will have been better.

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Thus, if you’re looking for a steamer that can help in removing the wrinkles from almost each and every fabric and garment piece, this is the perfect option for you. With this steamer, you will not have to worry about buying the accessories kit separately. You will be able to easily get the accessories included along with the steamer. If you are looking for a steamer, you can pick the Rowenta DR8080 without any hesitation due to its superior performance.

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