Rheem Flammable Vapor Sensor Lockout Reset, How Do You Reset A Flammable Vapor Sensor Rheem

I have a Rheem HWH with an inducer mounted on top. The Natural Gas valve is a Honeywell and I am getting 7 flashes on the LED which is a “FVS Lockout”. The model number is 43VP50E2. The unit is only 6 months old and was originally installed at another location. It worker at the first house but has never worked at the second house. The pilot and blower used to come on at the second house but nothing goes on any more. How does the FVS get reset on this unit with the Honeywell valve? I have already tried what it says in the “manual”. I just replaced the FVS with a NEW ONE. Same problem.


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Hi,I need to look at the manual but possibly you can tell me what the manual says?Typically they require you to perform several functions to reset this.Example: The AO smith units you need to power off, and hold the two temp buttons with in 10 seconds of turning the unit back on. Then when the light starts flashing, release then press both buttons again until the light is solid. Then the gas valve resets.Did you paint or something near the water heater. This is the common cause. People varnish or paint and the sensor trips. It will continue to trip until the vapors clear.Mike NJ


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I am NOT the home owner but I was told that the lady did use “powerful” cleaning stuff like Clorox and cleaners in the basement trying to get rid of the mold. Also I was told that there was an oil smell, probably from the oil tank or the oil-fired boiler for quite some time. I did not do the installations on any of the equipment. Truthfully, this is the very first unit with a FVS that I have ever seen. The on-line manual basically says to shut off the power for a few seconds and to power it back up. If the error code continues to replace the sensor—which is what I did. The home owner does NOT have the original manual so I had to look it up on-line. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (The on-line manuals available give quite a bit of help for the White-Rogers valve but not for the same heater using Honeywell controls.)

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