I to be still ~ above this bus. Would be nice if driver offered status updates. At this time stuck in middle of nowhere, pretty 16+ hour bus ride.

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The motorists stop too long at the stops. They will certainly say 15 minutes yet they continue to be there for 40 minutes. Additionally the noise ~ above tge bus from passenger is ridiculous the motorists need come reiterate this when it's gaining too loud

Bus suppliers on This Route



United states bus companies: Greyhound, Jefferson Lines, brand-new York Trailways, Peter Pan, Barons Bus, ACN Autobuses

Reno come Los Angeles Buses

nadechworld.com helps you find a bus indigenous Reno to Los Angeles. Obtain the best fare and also schedule, publication a round expedition ticket or discover buses through WiFi and electrical outlets.

We make certain you can find a bus business from Reno to Los Angeles native the most reliable bus providers operating this trip.

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Bus Companies

Reno to Los Angeles buses are listed by FlixBus and Greyhound US.

Stations & Stops

For a bus leaving from Reno, the expedition starts in ~ Reno Greyhound Bus Station, Reno, Reno, Reno, Reno, NV or Reno Tahoe Airport.

In Los Angeles, her bus take trip ends in ~ Downtown Greyhound Station, north Hollywood Greyhound Station, Downtown Tufesa Station, eastern LA I-5 & I-710, Huntington Park Tufesa Station, LAX Airport holiday Inn, Downtown Westin Bonaventure, business Citadel Outlet or Downtown main St & 1st St.

Information ~ above this bus route

Daily Buses9
Earliest and also Latest Bus Departures9:40AM - 9:00PM
Minimum Price$40
Average Ticket Price$73
Minimum expedition Duration10h25m
Average Bus trip Duration15h25m
Bus carriers on This RouteFlixBus, Greyhound US


Frequently asked questions for your trip Reno - Los Angeles

How much does a bus ticket indigenous Reno to Los Angeles cost?

The median bus ticket price from Reno to Los Angeles is $73. The best way to find cheap bus ticket from Reno to Los Angeles is to book your tickets as early as possible. Prices tend to increase as your travel day approaches, so publication in breakthrough to certain the ideal prices!

How lengthy is the bus ride indigenous Reno to Los Angeles?

The median travel time in between Reno and Los Angeles is roughly 15h 25m, back the more quickly bus will take about 10h 25m.This is the time it takes to travel the 388 miles that separates the 2 cities.

How countless daily bus connections are there in between Reno and Los Angeles?

The number of buses indigenous Reno to Los Angeles can differ depending upon the work of the week. On average, there room 9 top top this route. Some buses run direct routes, if others have actually layovers. Leveling your bus pilgrimage from Reno come Los Angeles by comparing and also selecting the bus the fits you take trip style and budget on nadechworld.com.

Which bus carriers travel from Reno to Los Angeles?

When acquisition the bus indigenous Reno come Los Angeles, you deserve to travel comfortably and safely v FlixBus, Greyhound.

What room the departure and arrival stations once taking the bus from Reno come Los Angeles?

Buses traveling between Reno and also Los Angeles leave from Reno Greyhound Bus station or Reno and also arrive in ~ Downtown Greyhound Station, north Hollywood Greyhound Station, Downtown Tufesa Station.

What room the ideal sights and also things to execute in Los Angeles?

Once in Los Angeles, you deserve to start trying out the city and discover that surroundings. The height sights and also things to do are Downtown arts Walk, Disneyland, Getty Center, Venice Beach, Museum of contemporary Art (MOCA).

About Bus Travel

Bus travel Tips

Make friends with the driver. Castle usually recognize a lot about your destination and also may also recommend which side of the bus to sit on to get the best views top top the road between Reno and also Los Angeles!

Start sightseeing the minute your bus leaves the station. If you're on the night bus indigenous Reno come Los Angeles, gain comfy and count the stars.

Buses have actually the smallest carbon footprint of all motorized transport modes. A bus going native Reno to Los Angeles will certainly emit fifty percent the CO2 emitted by a train, and radically much less than a vehicle or one airplane.

Tune the end to the fine sounds of your ideal music playlist on her bus expedition from Reno come Los Angeles when indulging in miles on end of beautiful scenic views.

Did girlfriend know?

Did you know that 80% that the buses in north America room equipped v WiFi and also power outlets ? and also 60% that bus travelers have used your electronic maker on board throughout 2014.

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The bus driver with the longest job in the human being drove much more than 2,000,000 miles and is a happy civilization Record holder.

Did you understand there room on typical 4,400 intercity bus departures every day in the united state only? This number has been farming for 9 year in a row, yay!