Logitech G933 Vs Razer Man O War Vs Logitech G933 Vs Razer Mano'War Wireless

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I”m thinking about buying a new gaming headset, I want it to be wireless.

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Is the logitech g933 still worth it? I could get it for about 130€, or are there better choices available for less? I”ve done some research, but top-rankings for “2018” seem to only include things released in 2018. And user experience might tell more.I mainly care about sound quality, surround quality, battery life and mic quality. (In descending order, somewhat anyway)Thank you in advance.

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I own the Arctis 7, Corair Void Pro Wireless, and Logitech G633, Razer Man o”war wireless.If you want the best surround sound, don”t care too much about mic quality, and don”t mind buying another headset in about 2 years, then it”s pretty solid. But out of the wireless headsets I have I like the Corsair Void the best. Out of the ones that are out there I”m interested in the HyperX Cloud Flight.Logitech G633Sound quality: I had the G933 for a little bit and they sound identical to the G633. I”m not sure if you know, but Logitech bought Ultimate Ears and these are the result – the Pro G drivers. They sound very good. Nice tight bass, pretty clear highs, mids are good but kinda weird, I can”t quite explain what it is though, maybe just tuned for gaming? Comparing these with my HyperX Cloud 1s they are very close. You can also use them as headphones with the 3.5mm cable.Surround: Awesome!! (seriously). I can tell not only what direction they are but if they are above or below me. If I am playing by myself these would be my go-to (provided they worked)Battery life: I think I owned the G933 for maybe 3 weeks? I don”t remember having any issues with battery life. Mic: Garbage. So I purchased these, and a week later took them back because I was sure the mic was broken. Got the replacement pair, and the mic sounded the same as the first. The quality is terrible – like 8 bit from the 90s, picks up everything, and is too quiet. So at the end of the 2nd week on my replacement set I took them back and got the G633. The G633 sound the same as the G933 but the mic is better. That said, this was 2 years ago and maybe they have updated their software/firmware that would make them better?Other: Comfort on these are pretty good. My main issue with these are well… logitech. They make an end all software for everything and it”s sometimes pretty buggy. The other part is the quality of these headsets are terrible. They creek, the micro-usb port goes out, and my mic flip feature stopped working. The good news is Logitech”s support is the best of the best. They might not be terribly fast but they”ll try a little troubleshooting and that doesn”t fix it they”ll send you a replacement without you having to return yours. IDK why I keep buying logitech stuff as some of their products don”t last very long but I do like them.SteelSeries Arctis 7Sound quality: Pretty flat sounding, and slightly better than the G633. I think they are on par with the hyperx cloud – just flat. Buy some leather earpads if you want more bass.Surround: Terrible – I NEVER EVER use it, windows sonic is better.Battery life: Great! I”m not sure how long but I charge them maybe once a week?Mic: Pretty sensitive and picks up background noises but a good quality. The mic mute button is small and is kinda hard for me to press.Other: Comfort on these are really bad for me. The stock earpads aren”t thick enough so they feel more like on ear vs around ear and get painful after about an hour. I bought the leather and velour earpads from SteelSeries which solves that problem as they are thicker but they both change the sound of the headset. I also have a pretty big head and the headband is barely big enough to fit. If you can”t hear anyone in discord or wondering why the heck it”s so quiet remember that there is a game/chat mixer on the right earcup that sometimes gets moved. The build quality of these seem pretty good, but I did have the mic go out on my first pair. Customer Support for them are pretty average.Corsair Void Pro RGB WirelessSound quality: Pretty good. Not as good as the G633 but still pretty decent.Surround: It”s decent, I sometimes turn it on depending on how I”m feeling.Battery life: The worse part of this headset. It”s maybe 6 hours? And if it dies you can”t just plug in a micro-usb cable and keep using it. I find that I am constantly charging these about every 3 days just to make sure they don”t die on me.Mic: does a good job blocking out external noise, and decent quality, but it”s kinda quiet. For the sidetones all of the other headsets pick up white noise if you have side-tones on except for this one. But the side-tones on this headset randomly turns off so I have to mess with the sidetone slider to get it working again. Also if you are recording games it will pick up the “mic on”, “mic off”, but you can turn that off in the software settings.Other: Comfort on these are outstanding! But they also leak sound out of them the easiest if that”s something you need to be careful of. Also if you have a smaller head they might feel loose as they don”t have a lot of clamping force. The build quality on these seem the best.Razer Man O”War WirelessSound quality: When you first get them they are pretty meh, but they respond to EQ adjustments pretty good.Surround: I WISH WISH WISH All companies did surround like these guys! No they don”t sound as good as Logitech but they are a bit better than Corsair Void and Windows” Sonic. But what makes them truly awesome is that you can select what application uses the surround sound. For example I game, listen to music, watch videos, and chat in discord. With Razer you can say hey, for the game use 7.1 and then use 2.0 for everything else. Truly awesome. I hate that on all the other headsets it”s either on or off for everything.Battery life: outstanding! Probably longer than the Arctis 7. I think I”d charge them once a week just to top them off.Mic: Amazing! By far the best mic out of the bunch. So many mic controls to set it up just the way you want. I”m not a big fan of touching the mic to mute it but it works and is easier than trying to find the mute button on the back of the arctis 7.Other: I found them very comfortable for long periods of time. The build quality on them feels very cheap. Supposedly the headband was re-designed so it doesn”t break as easily. Unfortunately the USB dongle went out on mine and trying to get Razer support was awful. By far the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I don”t want to buy another Razer product ever.

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