Kingston Hyperx Cloud Ii Vs Razer Kraken 7.1 Vs Hyperx Cloud 2

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I”m in a dilemma and need help. I”ve been searching for an upgrade from the headset I have now to a better one and am stuck between buying the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma, or the HyperX Cloud II”s. I am very stuck on which to buy, for I”ve heard so many good things about both headsets and need the help of someone who can recommend one to me. I am not a super audio freak, but knowing which direction an enemy can come from just based on their footsteps is very important to me. Comfort is also a big priority on my list. Please help me decide! If there is any other headset you can recommend for me around the same price (about under $100), then I”m open ears. These are just two respectable headsets in my price range that seem to be the best quality for their price.


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I personally use the HyperX Cloud II headset. And I would like to say that it is by far one of the best gaming headset there is out there for the price that you”re paying. It lacks the chroma coloring of the Razer Kraken 7.1 but makes up for it being sturdy and comfy. Personally, I would never touch any Razer product except for their mice. I used to own a pair of Razer Kraken but made the switch when both my Kraken”s ear cup leather/cloth tore into 2 after 3months of usage and the mic of the kraken is just terrible.

the Hyper X II is a multi-function headset thanks to the dis-attachable mic so you can use it on a phone while walking and dont look like a foll with a mic but the kraken is better if you want it for game I”ll go with a Hyper X II but if it is a game-use only the kraken 7.1 hint ” you can go for a Logitech G430 its cheaper and a better sound quality over both (at least its cheaper at my place) “

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