Compare Pioneer Dmh-2660Nex Vs Alpine Ilx-W650, Thoughts Or Experiences With The Alpine Ilx

Which would you suggest for a 2006 Buick Lacrosse? The Alpine is a more comfortable price point but I've heard people have had issues with them and they have really bad sound quality. Really all I want is to keep the same sound quality I have with my stock radio but add CarPlay/Bluetooth capabilities. Is the Pioneer worth the extra $50?



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The main selling point of the Alpine unit is that it can have a 200w mini amp (kta-450) piggybacked on it. I installed this combo in the fall and so far so good. I can’t comment on the sound quality of the built-in amp of the w650 since I’ve always used the external amp.

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It is a simplified head unit as far as customization and features but it runs CarPlay and xm radio just fine. My only gripe is that it lacks a pause feature for XM which I really liked having in my last basic Kenwood HU.

I bought my girlfriend the Alpine iLX-W650 for her Kia Sportage and have had no problems! Prior to that, I bought the same radio for my dads truck and it still works like the first day! I’ve always been loyal to Alpine and have never had any problems whatsoever!

Did you know about or consider the Alpine unit? If so, why did you spend the extra $50 for the Pioneer?

The 2660 has these features which the 650 does not have:

HD radio

customizable colors for both the display and buttons

ability to upload a custom wallpaper background

Optional time-of-day dimmer setting

RCA AV inputs

AUX input

iDatalink support

The 650 has a parametric equalizer option while the 2660 only has a graphic EQ. Other than that, the 2660 is superior in every way especially for $50.

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Really the only features that are selling points for me with the 2660 are the HD radio and Alexa integration. EQ doesn't matter that much but Crutchfield doesn't have the 2660 in stock and I'm not sure when they will. Hopefully soon.

Yeah but so does the Pioneer. Though I'm not expecting any better sound quality than my stock HU anyways.

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