Why Does A Chef Always Put An Apple In The Pig With An Apple In Its Mouth ?


Roast suckling pig is not a common dish, but it is a famous dish in Manchu and Han banquets. So if you really want to eat the apple-flavored roast pig, it’s useless to just put the

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This dish of roast suckling pig may not be common to everyone in normal times, but it is a famous dish in the Manchu Feast. In this way, we may see that the roast suckling pig is in the TV series, and people will use it in the sacrifice. In ancient times, the roast suckling pig was only enjoyed by princes and nobles, so its status in the dishes was very high. Although the roast suckling pig is not a home-cooked dish, its color, fragrance, and taste are more in line with popular tastes. So now roast suckling pig is also a specialty product of Guangdong, which is liked by many consumers. But when everyone is eating roast suckling pig, they will find that the chef will often put an apple in the pig’s mouth. What is the reason?


From an intuitive point of view, this apple may seem to be used for seasoning, in order to let the apple flavor into the body of the suckling pig. Let this meat dish of roast pig have a fruity fragrance and make it more delicious. But this is not the case, because it takes a lot of procedures to make the suckling pig really tasty, and it needs to be soaked frequently. So if you really want to eat the apple-flavored roast pig, it’s useless to just put the apple in the customer’s mouth. It may be that the roast pig needs to be soaked in apple juice for a long time to inject the apple flavor into the roasted milk. In the pig. But many people would not choose to do this, because the roast pig will not be delicious when it is among the apples.

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So when the chef makes the roast suckling pig, The real reason for putting an apple in your mouth is just for aesthetics. This is a very simple and direct effect. Because when you need to roast suckling pig, you need to insert a fork into the pig. During roasting, the pig’s mouth will open, and the suckling pig will expand as a result of the increase in temperature, and the more it expands, the bigger it becomes. So for the customer”s appetite and the beauty of the suckling pig. So there is an apple to block the mouth to prevent guests from seeing the inside of the pig and frighten the guests and affect their appetite.


So in general, apple It”s not a condiment. In fact, roasting the apples during the roasting process will not affect the taste of the suckling pig. It is just for the sake of the beauty of the suckling pig. This is how the producer makes up for the lack of dishes.


So after reading this, everyone knows why the chef would put an apple in the mouth of the pig when he was making suckling pigs. It turned out not to be a taste consideration at all, but the beauty of the dish practice. But everyone will be curious to take away the apple handcuffed to the mouth and see what the internal structure of the apple is like. If you are really so curious, you can try it next time you eat roast suckling pig, but if it affects your appetite, you can”t help it.

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