INSIDE: 12 silly and super fun mind breaks for kids that will gain them moving and giggling!

We all require a brain break especially throughout trying times like we room living through currently in 2020. I know I did and I therefore did my 6 year old. The stress of homeschooling, no seeing friends and family and also just no being maybe to execute all the fun points we provided to be able to do has absolutely gotten to every one of us.

After bumping into a institution friend at the beach, he teach my daughter the standard right/left mind coordination video game when you try to pat her head when rubbing your tummy. She loved it so I determined to try and find much more of these funny little brain games. They room fun and silly and also make a an excellent little break throughout the day.

I expect both you and also your children will enjoy these fun brain breaks!!


Brain division for Kids

Pat your TummyRub her tummy while patting her head. Then switch through patting your tummy if rubbing her head.

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Shoulder SwitchRaise your left arm directly up right into the air and place your appropriate hand top top your right shoulder. Currently switch. Progressive your ideal arm right up into the air and then location your left hand on your left shoulder. Shot and walk as rapid as girlfriend can.Tap a FingerAnother one is tapping your fingers on a table from thumb, pointer, middle, ring, pinkie, pinkie again…and all the way back down to her thumb. As soon as that i do not care easy, switch it up to every various other finger down and also back.Two PicturesGet two pencils or pens. Attract a circle v your best hand while simultaneously drawing a triangle v your left hand.Hammer & SawMake your left hand execute a sawing motion and your right a hammering motion.Nose & EarsPinch your nose with your left hand and then overcome your right arm behind her left and pinch her left ear lobe. Currently switch. Pinch her nose through your right hand and cross her left eight behind her right and also pinch your appropriate ear lobe. Pointing in ~ TwoMake the peace sign v your left hand and point to it through your right index finger. Currently switch. Make a peace sign with your ideal hand and suggest to it with your left index finger.Touch her FingersLook in ~ your best hand. Touch your thumb to her pinky finger, and also then touch your thumb to her index finger. Next, touch your ignorance to your ring finger, and then touch your thumb to your middle finger. Repeat the procedure until you can do it automatically. Currently do it much faster without make a mistake!Arms UpRaise your left arm right into the air, then pinch girlfriend left ear lobe with your best hand. Currently switch. Raise your ideal arm into the air, then pinch you right ear lobe through your left hand.Cross your Arms & LegsStand up. Advanced both arms into the air and also cross her legs. Currently switch. Cross her arms throughout your body and also uncross your legs (i.e. Stand v your legs hip broad apart).Move that FingerCross your arms in prior of you, touch the backs together, roll them over till the palms touch, and also then bend your eight so the you are now interlocked finger swing in prior of your face. Then, let your friend suggest (but not touch) one of your fingers. Try to relocate that certain finger. This might sound yes, really easy and also dumb, yet if friend haven’t excellent this before, you will certainly soon uncover out how entertaining the is. Lick her ElbowTry come lick her elbow through your tongue! This is a super silly one. (This is impossible but if you or your child have the right to do the please message me!)

Having Trouble?

Remember exercise makes perfect. Save practicing these exercises to get far better at law them.

Here is one more tip: concentration on the harder part of the activity. For instanced, v the standard rubbing your tummy when patting her head activity, shot focusing top top the rubbing component activity (the harder part). This will certainly make act both tasks easier.

Looking for an ext exercises? examine out this post.

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Also, inspect out this Logical Thinking games for Preschoolers.

WILL YOU try ANY OF this BRIAN BREAKS with YOUR KIDS? pin it because that later!


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