What"s a real serving size at the ice cream parlor? GHRI it s okay the scoop.Watch the investigative video clip report

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I scream, girlfriend scream... And that could be simply what you perform after analysis our report on ice cream offer sizes. To watch if the part and calorie info provided on an ice cream cream parlor"s food selection board or Website can be trusted, our GHRI team visited 5 shops in brand-new York City on two different occasions, to buy a complete of 50 scoops. Climate we brought the samples back to the lab for weighing. The chilling results: At four of the 5 stores, scoops were 11 come 48 percent larger, on average, 보다 the post serving size. The fifth store come in under, averaging 7 percent much less ice cream than promised. Here, the cold facts.

PARLOR SCORECARD main Serving dimension typical Scoop size best Deviation in dimension +/- Calories, best Deviation

Most ConsistentScoops come closest to correct dimension most often

5 oz. Mocha (320 calories)5.53 oz.6.70 oz. (429 calories)+109

Runner-UpServings were generally over by an oz or less

4 oz. Coffee (270 calories)5.03 oz.6.17 oz. (417 calories)+147

Most OverservedBy an average of nearly 2 ounces

4 oz. Jamoca (240 calories)5.91 oz. 6.21 oz. (373 calories)+133

UnpredictableCups ranged commonly — from 7 to virtually 10 1/2 ounces

7.5 oz. Vanilla (450 calories)8.41 oz. 10.42 oz. (625 calories)+175

UnderdogGenerally, servers scooped up less 보다 we paid for

6 oz. Strawberry-Kiwi Sorbet (185 calories)5.56 oz.4.5 oz. (139 calories)-46

Cone Calculations

A calorie-free cup is always a great choice, however if you prefer your licks old-school, here"s how you"ll pay on the scale:

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