Difference Between Raspberry Pi And Orange Pi One Vs Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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Key Difference Between Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi

Below is the list of points describing the difference

1. With the release of Raspberry Pi models into the market, other single board manufacturers entered with growing popularity. The two have the following models or versions available

The Raspberry has the following boards or models:

Raspberry Pi 1 Model BRaspberry Pi 1 Model ARaspberry Pi 1 Model B+Raspberry Pi 1model A+Raspberry Pi ZeroRaspberry Pi 2Raspberry Pi 3 Model BRaspberry Pi Zero W

Whereas the Orange has the following boards or models:

Orange Pi ZeroOrange Pi OneOrange Pi LiteOrange Pi Mini 2Orange Pi PrimePlus 2/2EOrange Pi PC2

2. With an Orange Pi vs Raspberry Pi, a user can build a computer, a wireless server, Games, Music and sounds, HD video, act as a speaker, Android, Scratch.

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3. Some of the applications based on these models are Media steamer, Arcade machines, cosmic computers, Controlling robots, Internet, radio, Tablet computers.

4. Talking of the setup and running process, Raspberry Pi beats Orange Pi in terms of complexity. Raspberry is easier to set and function.

5. Since Raspberry was the first and new in its category, it has numerous applications available for its design and circuit information; this makes its users with the necessary info. And quick operating guides. The Orange Pi still has some online applications, but these are not sufficient for its growing user’s needs.

6. The user community of Raspberry is far bigger and has tons of documentation, manuals and User guides available to its users; on the other hand, Orange pi has just begun to start things and is no comparison to raspberry in terms of User community and documentation (online).

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7. Raspberry has almost crossed 19million (source-wiki) product shipping all across the globe, whereas Orange Pi does not have such data available.

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8. Orange Pi has a wide board category (customized), which gives the users a better chance to match its project requirement, but this is not in Raspberry Pi.

9. Despite having several PC lie features and functionality but when it comes to replacement, both Orange Pi vs Raspberry Pi never claim to have an intention.

Raspberry Pi vs Orange Pi comparison Table

Just like the iPhone or any other electronic goods, the manufacturers try to enhance productivity compared to the last released model. Not covering the grand name (Raspberry and Orange), convenient for the readers.

The Basis Of Comparison  Raspberry Pi 3 Orange Pi Prime
CPU 1.2GHz 64-bit Quad-Core H5 Quad Core Cortex-A53
GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV Mali-450
RAM 1GB DDR2 2GB DDR3 (Shared)
Storage SD Card Onboard
Ethernet/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Yes Yes
GPIO 40 (1×3) UART, Ground
4K Compatible No Yes
USB 4 USB 2.0, 1 Micro OTG 3 USB 2.0, 1 USB 2.0 OTG
OS Supported Raspbian, Windows IoT Core, OSMX, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, SARPi, and much more Android, Ubuntu, Raspbian, Debian
Weight 45G 68G


These small card size computing devices can efficiently manage your hardware project requirements. If you have an LCD monitor, need Wi-Fi routers, music systems, Ariel photo-shoot (Drones). These small micro-sized computers have the potential to facilitate their users.

The users (business owners, project head) need to understand the requirement as both Orange Pi vs Raspberry Pi are more or less suitable for wide project categories. A clear picture of the requirement will end in a better product that suits the project. Generally, a small business that has tight budget allocation has infrastructure issues; these microcomputers are best suitable. Server, Wi-Fi, automating a task is crucial and daily activities which cannot be avoided.

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These new technologies have saved millions for small businesses as cooling machines and systems (systems that are needed to cool the servers and PC’s) cost many more times in comparison to these microcomputers.

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