Great Straightening for any Hair Type? Have you heard of Halo straighteners? Onei MK-i halo brand has got stylists everywhere talking about a new solution for almost every hair type, including Keratin treated. And whenever there’s a new straightener causing a buzz I just have to know why!In this Onei MK-i Halo hair straightener review, I take into account the science, the specs and what real customers have to say about the model to help you decide whether this is the best flat iron for you.

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Natural or Keratin Treated?

Lots of people ask me if there’s an Onei Halo titanium hair straightener because they love the brand and have heard that titanium is the best material for fighting frizz. The answer is no – these are ceramic flat irons rather than titanium. But classic ceramic has some amazing benefits for both keratin treated and natural hair. Especially when they’re as well made as these ones!



Super Safety Features

The Onei Halo hair straightener has a really great feature for those of us who are a little on the forgetful side. It has an auto shut-off, so after 30 minutes of not using it, it helpfully turns itself off. I love this feature as I often find myself wondering whether I’ve turned the oven or the iron off when I’m out for an evening and a safe straightening iron is one less thing that can burn my house down!

And, to keep your credit card nice and safe, there’s a 4 year warranty so you can buy with confidence, knowing that you can get it repaired, replaced or refunded if anything goes wrong.

What do the Customers Say?

Onei Halo straightener reviews on have a very positive tone overall. Nearly 400 verified customers have reviewed it and it has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars with more than 70% of users giving it a full 5 star rating.

Worth the Price Tag?

The Onei Halo hair straightener price is usually on the steep side for professional flat irons. If you head to the official website you can expect to pay between $120 and $150 for a pair. But there are often really great sales on auction sites like At the time of writing this I clicked over there and saw that the Halo straightener price was just $79.99. And the best part is that they are certified authentic so you can rest assured you’re not buying a cheap knock-off.

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In my opinion, if you can get hold of a set of these flat irons for under $100, they’re worth every single penny! They get a full 5 star rating from me and I’d recommend them to people of almost any hair type, especially those with damaged or chemically treated hair. The 30 minute auto shut-off feature is also a huge plus for those of us with goldfish memories!I hope this Onei Halo straightener review has been helpful in your search for the perfect straightener. If you think it might be the model for you, flick on over to and check out the current price.