One Of The Most Important Teachers Of Musical Composition In The Twentieth Century Was

Among the unusual playing teechniques that were widely used during the twentieth century is the _____, a rapid slide up or down a scale.

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One of the most striking elements of twentieth-century music that is used to generate power and excitement is
The best-known American ensemble created in the 1930s by a radio network to broadcast live music was the
As a result of his summer sojourns away from France during his teens, Debussy developed a lifelong interest in the music of
Debussy’s opera Pelleas et Melisande is an almost word-for-word setting of the symbolist play by
turned to the medieval church modes, borrowed petatonic scales from Javanese music, and developed the whole-tone scale
While some of Ravel’s music has the fluid, misty, atmospheric quality associated with impressionism, he does not fit neatly into any stylistic category because his
A painter who went through a neoclassical phase, and who designed sets for Stravinsky’s first neoclassical work, was
Twentieth-century musical expressionism grew out of the emotional turbulence in the works of late romantics such as
When Schoenberg arrived in the United States after the Nazis seized power in Germany, he obtained a teaching position at
Schoenberg developed an unusual style of vocal performance, halfway between speaking and singing, called

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Which of the following statements is not true of Schoenberg’s twelve-tone method of composition?
Which of the following terms is not used to describe the special ordering of the twelve chromatic tones in twelve-tone composition?
While remaining within the framework of a tonal center, Bartok often used harsh dissonances and _____ in his music.
As a result of his studies in compositions with composers from two opposing musical camps, the conservative George Whitefield Chadwick and the modernist Edgard Varese, Still
Each movement of William Grant Still’s Afro-American Symphony is prefaced by lines from a poem by
William Grant Still’s works in African American style, such as his Afro-American Symphony, were
After serving in the navy and a brief return to studies at Oberlin College, William Grant Still moved to New York where he
directing composer’s groups, writing books and magazine articles, and organizing concerts of American music
Copland depicted “Scenes of daily activity for the Bride and her Farmer-husband” in Appalachian Spring through
Many composers since the mid-1960s have made extensive use of quotations from earlier music as an attempt to
Twelve-tone compositional techniques used to organize rhythm, dynamics, tone color, and other dimensions of music to produce totally controlled and organized music are called

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Approach to pitch organization using two or more keys at one time, often found in twentieth-century music


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