Of Mice and Men: What\"s in a Name? by Joshua Powell
______________________________________________ part parents walk to an excellent lengths to choose their child\"s surname while others choose names from the waiting or follow a family members tradition. An author is similar to a parent, frequently taking hrs or days to pick the perfect surname to stand for their character or characters. Man Steinbeck is no exemption when considering the 2 main personalities of his novel, the Mice and also Men. The name George Milton and Lenny tiny are meaningful in the context of the story and also the characters. In this story of friendship and also trust collection in the 1930\"s, we space introduced into the stays of two men, George Milton and also Lenny Small. The duty each theatre in their partnership is quickly created to the audience within the first few scenes. However, a deeper analysis beneath the surface ar of this character introductions will establish the nature of George and also Lenny before observing their personal habits, behaviors and actions. How might we recognize their behaviors before hand? by simply analyzing their names we have the right to draw certain conclusions regarding their individualism and perhaps draw similar conclusions to the events that will certainly take place as we review the novel. The surname \"George\" dates back to the times of the Greeks. This name has its roots developed in the Greek culture, as it is acquired from the Greek word, \"georges\", meaning \"earth worker.\" This name has coincidentally been entrusted to many national and also respected leaders. For example, our an initial president was called George, and we have had two presidents called George Bush. England has actually endured rule under several majesties named George, as has Greece. For this reason George is respectively associated with leadership and power and it is here where the definition of George Milton\"s name becomes evident. Steinbeck may or may not have actually selected the name \"George\" because that such reasons but the characteristics of the name are all as well conveniently installed in our personality to not be questioned or examined. George Milton is clearly the stronger, dominant figure in Lenny and his relationship. George always controls the situation and also speaks for himself and Lenny together if they were one singular person, comparable to the method a leader might speak for his people or country. Also, the very an interpretation of the surname is all too coincidental because that the character\"s meaning. As discussed above, George interpreted from Greek does indeed mean \"earth worker\" and also according come the English meaning, it also method \"farmer.\" Lenny Small, the last name appearing to be an outright joke about his frame, is likewise questionably titled. To fully breakdown the characteristics of Lenny tiny we must attend to him by his full name, assuming that Lenny is a short kind of Leonard. In assessing this name we pertained to find that maybe the personality is a contradiction from the beginning. Leonard is a germanic name meaning, \"lion brave.\" Lenny Small, together we see, is anything however \"lion brave\" and constantly needs direction and drive indigenous George. Why would certainly John Steinbeck associate together a name through a character that he developed as severe opposite? One may conclude that the combination of a lion may be supplied to to compare Lenny\"s very own strength to the of the animal and also yes, probably Lenny\"s mentality can be attributed to this as animals are always seen as inferior come humans. Lenny is continuous downgraded together an individual and also in fact the just time the displays any superiority is as soon as he supplies his strength, similar to the method a lion may screen his superiority to other animals. one more conclusion one may draw from research entails the combination of saints to these 2 characters. Leonard is the name of a 5th century saint that resided as the patron that peasants and horses. Lenny and George can be perceived as peasants, aimlessly hike the countryside in search of a home, financially disadvantaged and constantly under the ascendancy of a superior number (i.e. Ranch bosses). Maybe the combination to this saint could help explain Lenny\"s infatuation with petting soft things, as horses are an extremely soft to touch, and if we notification he appears to be the many relaxed once he is settled in the barn v his pup, surrounding by horses. However, more meaningful is the saint name connected with George\"s saintly nature. St. George is a legend hero for slaying a fire-breathing dragon who threatened the city the Palestine. This allusion is extremely far-reaching to the novel. George plays the function of St. George, and Curley\"s wife could be assumed of together the city of Palestine, intimidated by the fire-breathing dragon illustrated by Lenny. The dragon invades the city and also St. George slays the dragon, comparable to the method Lenny invades Curley\"s mam by killing her and also George in the end involves the conclusion he must slay Lenny. One cannot aid but think Steinbeck had some insight into these legends and also saints when creating his characters and plot. In the finish we space left through either a handful of coincidences or a perform of attributes an author skillfully integrated into what we now think about a standard novel through underlying themes and complexities.

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Steinbeck has always been concerned as a standard novelist and perhaps it is his use of ethereal symbolism that subconsciously helps us to relate to his kind of personality development. Nonetheless, through all an alleged symbolism aside, that Mice and Men will always be related to as a good novel and contain valuable moral sympathies no matter how much one may dissect implied interpretations of a character\"s individualism.