Molar Mass Of Copper Ii Hydroxide, Copper(Ii) Hydroxide Composition And Molar Mass

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Volume of 1 mole of Copper(II) hydroxide

centimeter³ 29.04 milliliter 29.04
foot³ 0 oil barrel 0
Imperial gallon 0.01 US cup 0.12
inch³ 1.77 US fluid ounce 0.98
liter 0.03 US gallon 0.01
meter³ 2.9×10-5 US pint 0.06
metric cup 0.12 US quart 0.03
metric tablespoon 1.94 US tablespoon 1.96
metric teaspoon 5.81 US teaspoon 5.89

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Weight of 1 mole of Copper(II) hydroxide

carat 487.81 ounce 3.44
gram 97.56 pound 0.22
kilogram 0.1 tonne 9.76×10-5
milligram 97561

The entered amount of Copper(II) hydroxide in various units of amount of substance

centimole 100 micromole 1000000
decimole 10 millimole 1000
gigamole 1×10-9 mole 1
kilogram-mole 0 nanomole 1000000000
kilomole 0 picomole 1000000000000
megamole 1×10-6 pound-mole 0

About Copper(II) hydroxideCopper(II) hydroxide is blue to blue-green gel or light blue crystalline powder.A few materials, substances, compounds or elements with a name containing, like or similar to Copper(II) hydroxide:Reference (ID: 895)

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