Mercury Iodide (Containing The Hg22+ Ion), Mercury(I) Iodide

Mercury(I) Ion: Hg₂²⁺Mercury(II) Ion: Hg²⁺ Most common oxidation states: +1, +2 M.P. -38.87º B.P. 356.57º Density 13.546 g/cm3

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Mercury(I) Ion: Hg₂²⁺

Mercury(I) compounds often undergo disproportionation, producing black metallic mercury and mercury(II) compounds.

Chloride Ion

Soluble chlorides, including hydrochloric acid, precipitate white mercury(I) chloride, also known as calomel:

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Chloride Ion

No reaction is visible, but Hg(II) will be present as (ce{^{2-}}).

Aqueous Ammonia

Aqueous ammonia produces white amido salts whose composition depends on the mercury(II) salt present in the solution:

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Sodium Hydroxide

A yellow precipitate of (ce{HgO}) is produced by (ce{NaOH}):

HgO(s) + H2O(l)}>

HgO(s) + H2O(l) + 2Cl^{-}(aq)}>

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