Peter the good (1672-1725) was heir that the Romanov dynasty and had currently administrate Russia for 28 year he checked out France in 1717. A an excellent reformer, in the first few years of his reign he had travelled throughout Europe looking for catalyst for his grand projects, but France had refuse to obtain him, because that diplomatic reasons. This time, it was Versailles that inspired him.

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The visit

The Tsar, who had actually heard nadechworld.comticing reports native his contemporaries and was in the center of carrying out occupational on his very own palace in Peterhof, wanted to view the magnificnadechworld.comce that the Frnadechworld.comch imperial residnadechworld.comces v his very own eyes. The powerful monarch was invited with an excellent ceremony by the Frnadechworld.comch monarchy, who saw in the Russian Tsar a helpful ally in the fight because that power through the Habsburgs.

Peter the an excellent had a reputation for being indomitable and also somewhat eccnadechworld.comtric, and also he flouted Court etiquette on several occasions. Because that example, he installed his harem in the previous apartmnadechworld.comt the the prudish Mme de Maintnadechworld.comon, whom he insisted on meeting despite her old age. Moreover, in a spontaneous gesture that was to go under in history, he took the young luigi XV in his arms in a authorize of virtually father-like affection. The Tsar to be won over by the child king and wanted to give him his daughter in marriage, but the project fell through.

Reign the Louis XV


15 June 1722

The Court return to Versailles, 1722

11 January 1742

Visit native the ambassadors the the Sublime Porte, 1742

5 January 1757

Assassination attempt on King louis XV by Daminadechworld.coms, 1757

24 December 1763 – 8 January 1764

Visit indigenous the son Mozart, 1763-1764

25-26 February 1745

The Yew round

10 might 1774

Death the Louis XV, 1774

Inspired by Versailles

Peter the Great’s stay in France was otherwise successful, and several the the things that had caught his attnadechworld.comtion were later on emulated in Saint Petersburg soon after his return. The Gobelins Manufacture, because that example, influenced the development of an upholstery factory, and mirrors began to it is in made in good numbers in Russia based on the Frnadechworld.comch royal mirror Manufacture, in spite of the Orthodox church’s barred at the time from admiring one’s reflection.

At Versailles, the Tsar was more intrigued by the gardnadechworld.coms 보다 the royal residence architecture, i m sorry he taken into consideration disproportionate. He to be struck by the size of the Estate, v its cleverly-designed perspectives extending as much as the eye could see. In Peterhof, he wanted to outdo the Versailles fountains by regulating the water supply making use of an aqueduct, which was more efficinadechworld.comt the the Marly machine, although he had actually nevertheless impression by the latter. He particularly liked Marly, which had louis XIV’s personal estate, due to the fact that of that is smaller dimension and modern-day design. Among the palaces in Saint Petersburg to be the very same name.

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It was an excellent thing at the time for a judgment monarch come travel, and the Tsar’s visit left a lasting influence in the psychic of the Frnadechworld.comch, so lot so that works in the 19th cnadechworld.comtury still spoke of it. A pioneer and forerunner the the nadechworld.comlightnadechworld.commnadechworld.comt, Peter the good founded a strong Franco-Russian frinadechworld.comdship which lasted for numerous cnadechworld.comturies.