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Indevelopment around the brand, series, design and also version aliases.

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LG 27GL850Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ
SeriesUltraGearTUF Gaming
Model alias27GL850-B27GL850G-B-
Model year20192019


Information around the major attributes of the screen - panel, backlight, resolution, refresh rate, and so on.

Size class27 in27 in
Diagonal685.8 mm68.58 cm27 in2.25 ft685.8 mm68.58 cm27 in2.25 ft
Width596.736 mm59.6736 cm23.4935 in1.9578 ft596.736 mm59.6736 cm23.4935 in1.9578 ft
Height335.664 mm33.5664 cm13.2151 in1.1013 ft335.664 mm33.5664 cm13.2151 in1.1013 ft
Panel manufacturerLG DisplayAU Optronics
Panel modelLM270WQA-SSA1M270Q008 V002
Panel little depth10 bits (8 bits + FRC)8 bits
Colors1073741824 colors30 bits16777216 colors24 bits
Aspect ratio1.778:116:91.778:116:9
Resolution2560 x 1440 pixelsQuad HD (QHD) / 1440p2560 x 1440 pixelsQuad HD (QHD) / 1440p
Pixel pitch0.233 mm0.0233 cm0.0092 in0.0008 ft0.233 mm0.0233 cm0.0092 in0.0008 ft
Pixel density109 ppi42 ppcm109 ppi42 ppcm
Display area89.4 %89 %
sRGB135 %99 %
Adobe RGB (1998)96 %71 %
NTSC (1953)-72 %
DCI P398 %77 %
Rec. 202070 %-
Brightness350 cd/m²320 cd/m²
Peak brightness400 cd/m²350 cd/m²
Static contrast1000 : 11200 : 1
Horizontal viewing angle178 °178 °
Vertical viewing angle178 °178 °
Minimum response time1 ms0.0010 s4 ms0.0040 s
Mean response time5 ms0.0050 s-
Input lag4 ms0.0040 s5.3 ms0.0053 s
CoatingAnti-glare/Matte (3H)Anti-glare/Matte
-Response time - 1 ms (MPRT - Motion Picture Response Time)


3D screens usage assorted modern technologies to accomplish a 3D effect. Each of these technologies has its very own benefits and also drawbacks.



Indevelopment around the horizontal and vertical refresh rates/frequencies.

Horizontal frequency (digital)30 kHz - 240 kHz30 kHz - 243 kHz
Vertical frequency (digital)48 Hz - 144 Hz48 Hz - 165 Hz
-DisplayPort - 30 kHz - 243 kHz; 48 Hz - 165 HzHDMI - 30 kHz - 230 kHz; 48 Hz - 144 Hz

Power supply and consumption

Information about the power supply and intake, power performance class, and so on.

110V100 V - 120 V100 V - 120 V
220V220 V - 240 V220 V - 240 V
Alternative current frequency50 Hz - 60 Hz50 Hz - 60 Hz
Power intake (off)0.5 W0.5 W
Power intake (sleep)0.5 W0.5 W
Power intake (eco)18 W-
Power intake (average)39 W65 W
Power usage (maximum)65 W-
Power consumption (annual)57 kWh-
Energy efficiency classB-

Dimensions, weight and color

Information about the dimensions and the weight of the certain model via and also without stand also as well as the colors, in which it is offered to the sector.

Width614.2 mm61.42 cm24.1811 in2.0151 ft620 mm62 cm24.4094 in2.0341 ft
Height364.8 mm36.48 cm14.3622 in1.1969 ft363 mm36.3 cm14.2913 in1.1909 ft
Depth56.3 mm5.63 cm2.2165 in0.1847 ft66 mm6.6 cm2.5984 in0.2165 ft
Weight4.2 kg9.26 lbs3.5 kg7.72 lbs
Width through stand614.2 mm61.42 cm24.1811 in2.0151 ft620 mm62 cm24.4094 in2.0341 ft
Height via stand574.8 mm57.48 cm22.6299 in1.8858 ft377 mm37.7 cm14.8425 in1.2369 ft
Depth via stand274.4 mm27.44 cm10.8031 in0.9003 ft211 mm21.1 cm8.3071 in0.6923 ft
Weight through stand6.1 kg13.45 lbs5.8 kg12.79 lbs
Box width741 mm74.1 cm29.1732 in2.4311 ft704 mm70.4 cm27.7165 in2.3097 ft
Box height522 mm52.2 cm20.5512 in1.7126 ft464 mm46.4 cm18.2677 in1.5223 ft
Box depth211 mm21.1 cm8.3071 in0.6923 ft210 mm21 cm8.2677 in0.689 ft
Box weight9.4 kg20.72 lbs8 kg17.64 lbs


Information about the ergonomic features - elevation adjustment, swivel angles, tilt angles, and so on.

VESA mountYesYes
VESA interface100 x 100 mm100 x 100 mm
Removable standYesYes
Height adjustmentYesYes
Height adjustment range110 mm11 cm4.3307 in0.3609 ft130 mm13 cm5.1181 in0.4265 ft
Landscape/portrait pivotYesYes
Left pivot0 °90 °
Right pivot90 °90 °
Left/right swivelNoYes
Left swivel-90 °
Right swivel-90 °
Forward/backward tiltYesYes
Forward tilt5 °5 °
Backward tilt15 °33 °


Information around the audio system - number and power of the integrated speakers, sustained audio innovations.

Speakers-2 x 2 W


Available connectivity ports, slots and also interfaces.

Connectivity2 x USB 3.0 (downstream)1 x USB 3.0 (upstream)2 x HDMI 2.01 x DisplayPort 1.41 x 3.5 mm Audio Out2 x HDMI 2.01 x DisplayPort 1.21 x 3.5 mm Audio Out
High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)


Some added functional functions of the design.

Features6-Axis ControlAMD FreeSync technologyBabsence StabilizerCrosshairFlicker-totally free technologyDDC/CIDynamic Action SyncNano IPSNvidia G-SYNC Technology compatibleSpright here lighting5-method OSD joystickAdaptive-Sync TechnologyELMB (Extreme Low Motion Blur)Flicker-complimentary technologyGameFast Input technologyGamePlus (Crosshair/Timer/FPS Counter/Display Alignment/Sniper)GameVisualNvidia G-SYNC Technology compatibleShadow BoostTrace Free Technology

Certificates, standards and licenses

Licenses from regulatory agencies, standards, certificates.

Certificates, criteria and also licensesBSMICCCCEcTickENERGY STARFCC Class BUL/cULBSMICBCCCCECEL level 1cTickCUeStandbyENERGY STARFCC Class BJ-MOSSKCCPSERCMRoHSTÜV Flicker-freeTÜV Low Blue LightUL/cULVCCIWEEEWHQL (Windows 10; Windows 8.1; Windows 7)

Operating and storage conditions

Tbelow are particular needs for the ecological problems, in which the screen must be provided and stored in order to attribute effectively.

Operating temperature0 °C - 40 °C32 °F - 104 °F0 °C - 40 °C32 °F - 104 °F
Operating humidity10 % - 80 %-
Storage temperature-20 °C - 60 °C-4 °F - 140 °F-20 °C - 60 °C-4 °F - 140 °F
Storage humidity5 % - 85 %-


Often the packaging of desktop computer monitors and smart TV sets contains accessories for them.

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AccessoriesDisplayPort cableHDMI cableUSB 3.0 cableDisplayPort cable - optionalHDMI cable - optional

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