Wellington Latitude And Longitude Of Wellington New Zealand, New Zealand Latitude And Longitude Map

Newzealand”s latitude and longitude is 41° 00″ S and 174 ° 00″ E . Below is the map of Newzealand showing major towns, roads, airports with latitudes and longitudes plotted on it.

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Description:Find Newzealand latitude and longitude map showing comprehensive details including cities, roads, towns, airports and much more. Disclaimer


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41o South and 174o East is the latitude and longitude of New Zealand which signifies its geographical location. The latitudes and longitudes of New Zealand cover an area of 268,680 square kilometer.
This island country is located between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle. The latitudes of New Zealand pass through the temperate zone of the world but the climate is extremely influenced by the sea all around it. The weather of particular areas of New Zealand varies also because of its mountainous terrain in certain region. The latitude and longitude of the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, is 41o 28″ S and 174o 51″ E. As the longitudes of New Zealand is in extreme east of the Prime Meridian the standard time followed in New Zealand is eleven hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and seventeen hours ahead of Washington DC.

Ahipara B., 35°05″S 173°05″E
Akaroa 43°49″S 172°59″E
Alexandra 45° 14′ 57″ S 169° 22′ 47″ E
Amberley 43°09″S 172°44″E
Aoraki Mount Cook 43°36″S 170°09″E
Arrowtown 44°57″S 168°50″E
Arthur”s Pass 42°54″S 171°35″E
Ashburton 43°53″S 171°48″E
Aspiring, Mt., 44°23″S 168°46″E
Auckland 36°52″S 174°46″E
Awatere 41°37″S 174°10″E
Balclutha 46°15″S 169°45″E
Banks Pen. 43°45″S 173°15″E
Bay View 39°25″S 176°50″E
Blackball 42°22″S 171°26″E
Blenheim 41°38″S 173°57″E
Bligh Sound 44°47″S 167°32″E
Bluff 46°37″S 168°20″E
Breaksea Sd. 45°35″S 166°35″E
Bream B. 35°56″S 174°28″E
Bream Hd. 35°51″S 174°36″E
Brett, C. 35°10″S 174°20″E
Brunner, L. 42°37″S 171°27″E
Bulls 40°10″S 175°24″E
Cambridge 37°54″S 175°29″E
Canterbury Bight 44°16″S 171°55″E
Canterbury Plains 43°55″S 171°22″E
Carterton 41°02″S 175°31″E
Chalky Inlet 46°03″S 166°31″E
Christchurch 43°33″S 172°47″E
Clarence 42°10″S 173°56″E
Clifden 46°01″S 167°42″E
Clinton 46°12″S 81°32″W
Clutha 46°20″S 169°49″E
Clyde 45°12″S 169°20″E
Coleridge, L. 43°17″S 171°30″E
Collingwood 40°41″S 172°40″E
Colville, C. 36°29″S 175°21″E
Cook, Mt./Aoraki Mount Cook 43°36″S 170°09″E
Cook Strait 41°15″S 174°29″E
Coromandel 36°45″S 175°31″E
Cromwell 45°03″S 169°14″E
Culverden 42°47″S 172°49″E
Cuvier I. 36°27″S 175°50″E
Dannevirke 40°12″S 176°08″E
Dargaville 35°57″S 173°52″E
Devonport 36°49″S 174°49″E
Donnelly”s Crossing 35°42″S 173°38″E
Doubtful Sd. 45°20″S 166°49″E
Doubtless B. 34°55″S 173°26″E
Dunback 45°23″S 170°36″E
Dunedin 45°50″S 170°33″E
Dunstan Mts. 44°53″S 169°35″E
D”Uravile I. 40°50″S 173°55″E
Dusky Sd. 45°47″S 76°24″W
Earnslaw, Mt. 44°32″S 168°27″E
East C. 37°42″S 178°35″E
Eastbourne 41°19″S 174°55″E
Edievale 45°49″S 169°22″E
Egmont, Mt./Taranaki Mt. 39°16″S 173°45″E
Eketahuna 40°38″S 175°43″E
Ellesmere, L. 43°47″S 172°28″E
Eltham 39°26″S 174°19″E
Eyre Mts. 45°25″S 168°25″E
Fairlie 44°05″S 170°49″E
Farewell, C. 40°29″S 172°43″E
Featherston 41°06″S 175°20″E
Feilding 40°13″S 175°35″E
Foveaux Str. 46°42″S 168°10″E
Foxton 40°29″S 175°18″E
Garvie Mts. 45°30″S 168°50″E
George Sound 44°52″S 167°25″E
Gisborne 38°39″S 178°05″E
Golden B. 40°40″S 172°50″E
Gore 46°05″S 168°58″E
Granity 41°39″S 171°51″E
Great Barrier I. 36°11″S 175°25″E
Grey 42°27″S 171°12″E
Greymouth 42°29″S 171°13″E
Greytown 41°05″S 175°29″E
Haast 43°50″S 169°02″E
Halcombe 40°08″S 175°30″E
Halfmoon Bay 46°50″S 168°05″E
Hamilton 37°47″S 175°19″E
Hampden 45°18″S 170°50″E
Hanmer Springs 42°32″S 172°50″E
Hastings 39°39″S 176°52″E
Hauraki G.

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36°35″S 175°05″E
Havelock 41°17″S 173°48″E
Hawea, L. 44°28″S 169°19″E
Hawera 39°35″S 174°19″E
Hake B. 39°25″S 177°20″E
Helensville 36°41″S 174°29″E
Hikurangi, Gisborne 37°55″N 178°04″E
Hikurangi, Northland 35°36″S 174°17″E
Hokianga Harbour 35°31″S 173°22″E
Hokitika 42°42″S 171°00″E
Houhora Heads 34°49″S 173°09″E
Hunterville 39°56″S 175°35″E
Huntly 37°34″S 175°11″E
Hurunui 42°54″S 173°18″E
Inangahua 41°52″S 171°59″E
Inglewood 39°09″S 174°14″E
Invercargill 46°24″S 168°24″E
Islands, B. of 35°15″S 174°06″E
Jackson B. 43°58″S 168°42″E
Jacksons 42°46″S 171°32″E
Kaiapoi 43°24″S 172°40″E
Kaikohe 35°25″S 173°49″E
Kaikoura 42°25″S 173°43″E
Kaikoura Ra. 41°59″S 173°41″E
Kaimanawa Mts. 39°15″S 175°56″E
Kaipara Harbour 36°25″S 174°14″E
Kaitaia 35°08″S 173°17″E
Kaitangata 46°17″S 169°51″E
Kakanui Mts. 45°10″S 170°30″E
Kapiti I. 40°50″S 174°56″E
Kapuni 39°29″S 174°08″E
Karamea Bight 41°22″S 171°40″E
Kawerau 38°07″S 176°42″E
Kawhia Harbour 38°05″S 174°51″E
Kelso 45°54″S 169°15″E
Kidnappers, C. 39°38″S 177°05″E
Kingston 45°20″S 168°43″E
Kinleith 38°20″S 175°56″E
Kumara 42°37″S 171°12″E
Kurow 44°44″S 170°29″E
Lawrence 45°55″S 169°41″E
Levin 40°37″S 175°18″E
Lincoin 43°38″S 172°30″E
Little Barrier I. 36°12″S 175°08″E
Little River 43°45″S 172°49″E
Lower Hutt 41°10″S 174°55″E
Lumsden 45°44″S 168°27″E
Lyell 41°48″S 172°04″E
Lyttelton 43°35″S 172°44″E
Maheno 45°10″S 170°50″E
MahiaPen. 39°09″S 177°55″E
Manapouri 45°34″S 167°39″E
Manapouri 45°32″S 167°32″W
Mangaweka 39°48″S 175°47″E
Mangonui 35°01″S 17°.32″E
Manukau 40°43″S 175°13″E
Maria Van DieMen, C. 34°29″S 172°40″E
Martinborough 41°14″S 175°29″E
Marton 40°04″S 175°23″E
Mastaerton 40°56″S 175°39″E
Mataura 4°11″S 168°51″E
Matiri Ra. 41°38″S 172°20″E
Mayor I. 37°16″S 176°17″E
Mecer 37°16″S 175°05″E
Methven 43°38″S 171°40″E
Milford Sd. 44°41″S 167°47″E
Milton 46°07″S 469°59″E
Mokai 38°32″S 175°56″E
Mokau 38°42″S 174°39″S
Morrinsville 37°40″S 175°32″E
Mosgiel 45°5°”S 170°21″E
Mossburn 45°41″S 168°15″E
Motueka 41°07″S 17°01″E
Motueka 41°05″S 17°01″E
Mount Maunganui 37°40″S 176°14″E
Napier 39°30″S 176°56″E
Naseby 45°1″S 170°10″E
Nelson 41°18″S 173°16″E
New Brighton 43°29″S 172°43″E
New Plymouth 39°04″S 174°05″E
Ngapara 44°57″S 170°46″E
Nightcaps 45°57″S 168°02″E
North C. 34°23″S 173°04″E
North I. 38°0″S 175°0″E
North Taranaki Bight 38°50″S 174°15″E
Northland 35°30″S 173°30″E
Nugget Pt. 46°27″S 169°50″W
Nuhaka 39°03″S 177°45″E
Oamaru 45°05″S 170°59″E
Ohai 45°55″S 168°0″E
Ohakune 39°24″S 175°24″E
Ohau L. 44°15″S 169°53″E
Okuru 43°55″S 168°55″E
Ongarue 38°42″S 175°19″E
Opotiki 38°01″S 177°19″E
Opua 35°19″S 174°09″E
Opunake 39°26″S 173°52″E
Orepuki 46°19″S 167°46″E
Ormond 38°33″S 177°56″E
Otago 45°15″S 170°0″E
Otago Harbour 45°47″S 170°42″E
Otaki 40°45″S 175°10″E
Otorohanga 38°12″S 175°14″E
Owaka 46°27″S 169°40″E
Oxford 43°15″S 172°11″E
Paeroa 37°23″S 175°41″E
Pahiatua 40°27″S 175°50″E
Palmerston 45°29″S 170°43″E
Papakura 37°04″S 174°59″E
Paraparaumu 40°57″S 175°03″E
Patea 39°45″S 174°30″E
Pegasus Bay 43°20″S 173°10″E
Pelorus Sd. 40°59″S 173°59″E
Petone 41°13″S 174°53″E
Picton 41°18″S 174°03″E
Plenty B. of 37°45″S 177°0″E
Port Chalmers 45°49″S 170°30″E
Port Pegasus 47°12″S 167°41″E
Poteriteri 46°05N”S 167°10″E
Poverty B. 38°43″S 178°02″E
Preservation Inlet 46°08″S 166°35″E
Pukaki L. 44°04″S 170°01″E
Pukekohe 37°12″S 174°55″E
Putaruru 38°02″S 175°50″E
Queenstown 45°01″S 168°40″E
Raetihi 39°25″S 175°17″E
Raglan 37°55″S 174°55″E
Rakaia 43°45″S 172°01″E
Rakaia 43°36″S 172°15″E
Rangaunu B. 34°51″S 173°15″E
Rangiora 43°19″S 172°36″W
Rangitaiki 37°54″S 176°49″E
Rangitata 43°45″S 171°15″E
Raukumara Ra 38°05″S 177°55″E
Rawene 35°25″S 173°32″E
Reefton 42°06″S 171°51″E
Reinga C. 34°25″S 172°43″E
Resolution I. 45°40″S 166°40″E
Riccarton 43°32″S 172°37″E
Richmond 41°20″S 173°12″E
Riverton 46°21″S 168°0″E
Rodney C. 36°17″S 174°50″E
Ross 42°53″S 170°49″E
Rotorao L. 38°05′S 176°16′E
Rotorua -38° 8′ 16″ S 176° 15′ 5″ E
Roxburgh 45°33″S 169°19″E
Ruahine Ra. 39°55″S 176°2″E
Ruapuke I. 46°46″S 468°31″E
Runanga 42°25″S 171°15″E
Runaway C. 37°32″S 177°59″E
Saunders C 45°53″S 170°45″E
Secretary I. 45°15″S 166°56″E
Seddon 41°40″S 174°7″E
Seddonville 41°33″S 172°1″E
South I. 44°0″S 170°0″E
South Invercargill 46°26″S 168°23″E
South Taranaki Bight 39°40″S 174°5″E
Southwest C. 47°17″S 167°28″E
Spenser Mts. 42°15″S 172°45″E
Sperrin Mts. 42°15″S 172°45″E
Tadmor 41°27″S 172°45″E
Taieri 46°3″S 170°12″E
Tasman B. 40°59″S 173°25″E
Taupo 38°41″S 176°7″E
Te Anau L. 45°25″S 167°43″E
Te Anau L. 45°15″S 167°45″E
Te Kuiti 38°20″S 175°11″E
Te Puke 37°46″S 176°22″E
Temuka 44°14″S 171°17″E
Thames 37°7″S 175°34″E
Timaru 44°23″S 171°14″E
Tokarahi 44°56″S 170°39″E
Tokanui 46°34″S 168°56″E
Tokarahi 44°56″S 170°36″E
Tokanui 46°34″S 168°56″E
Tokarahi 44°56″S 170°39″E
Travers Mt. 42°1″S 172°45″E
Tuatapere 46°8″S 167°41″E
Umbrella Mts. 45°35″S 169°5″E
Upper Hutt 41°8″S 175°5″E
Wakatipu L.

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45°5″S 168°33″E
Wakefield 41°24″S 173°5″E
Wanaka 44°42″S 169°9″E
Wanaka L. 44°33″S 169°7″E
Wanganui 39°56″S 175°3″E
Ward 41°49″S 174°11″E
Waverley 39°46″S 174°37″E
Wellington 41°19″S 174°46″E
Westport 41°46″S 171°37″E
Whakatane 37°57″S 177°1″E
Whangamomona 39°8″S 174°44″E
Whangarei 35°43″S 174°21″E
White I. 37°30″S 177°13″E
Whitecliffs 43°26″S 171°55″E
Whitianga 36°47″S 175°41″E
Winton 46°8″S 168°20″E
Woodville 40°20″S 175°53″E
Wyndham 46°20″S 168°51″E

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