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hey men as the title claims which one need to i get? both are practically the very same price! ns am purchase these because that my living room!oh and also if friend have any other suggestions let me know! they have to be under $180cnd though
I have actually yet to hear any type of Klipsch speaker I didn"t like. I perform in complete disclosure have actually a Klipsch SB 1 soundbar on mine TV and a stereo through RF 82 IIs paired v a sub so I might be a bit biased
I have actually yet come hear any type of Klipsch speaker I didn"t like. I perform in full disclosure have a Klipsch SB 1 soundbar on my TV and also a stereo through RF 82 IIs paired with a sub so I could be a bit biased
I remained in the very same dilemma and went v the HK. The looked good, however died in 1 day. I changed it and also got klipsch, which sounded much better and is law its job perfectly so far.
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