Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Trinity Locations, Trinity Mark Locations


Trinity Mark Locations – Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Trinity Marks are special symbols found on the ground in Kingdom Hearts. As long as you’ve learned the relevant Trinity Ability and have both Donald and Goofy in your party you can activate these marks and be rewarded with Items, Materials, Weapons, or just a bunch of Munny.

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The Trinity Abilities are learned in the following locations:

Blue Trinity – Trinity Jump, given to us by Donald and Goofy after defeating the Guard Armor in Traverse Town.

Red Trinity – Trinity Charge, given after sealing the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.

Green Trinity – Trinity Ladder, given after sealing the Keyhole in Agrabah.

Yellow Trinity – Trinity Push, granted after completing the first 3 cups in Olympus Coliseum.

White Trinity – Trinity Detect, given after defeating Riku for the first time in Hollow Bastion.

Trinity Mark Locations – Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Traverse Town Blue First District By the world exit. Munny
Traverse Town Blue First District By the Cafe. Postcard
Traverse Town Blue Third District Corner of the area behind the fountain. Munny and Camping Set
Traverse Town Blue Merlin”s House Near the Save Point. Munny and Mega-Ether
Traverse Town Red First District Head past the Weapon store and follow the path left. Chest with Dalmation Puppies.
Traverse Town Red Alleyway In the water near the grating, close by to the entrance to the Dalmations House. Access to Secret Waterway.
Traverse Town Red Second District On top of the Gizmo Shop”s roof. Access to bell to reveal world”s Keyhole.
Traverse Town Green Accessory Shop Near table in middle of room. Access to Synthesis Shop.
Traverse Town Yellow Mystical House At the back of the house on a stack of crates. Chest containing AP up.
Traverse Town White Secret Waterway Where the 2 tunnels intersect. Orichalcum
Wonderland Blue Lotus Forest First area you can enter on the right. Ether, Potion, Tent and MP.
Wonderland Blue Lotus Forest Move the boulder into the water, then use the lilly pads to enter a new area containing this Trinity. Camping Set and MP.
Wonderland Green Rabbit Hole Where you enter the world from. Elixir
Wonderland Green Bizarre Room Inside the bottom of the Fireplace. Mythril Shard
Wonderland White Lotus Forest Travel through the Painting in the Bizzare Room to find the area with this Trinity Mark. Lady Luck Keyblade
Olympus Coliseum Blue Coliseum Gates Beneath Statue on the right. Dalmation Puppies
Olympus Coliseum Blue Coliseum Gates Beneath Statue on the left.

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Mythril Shard
Olympus Coliseum Green Coliseum Gates Left of the main entrance, in front of the tournament rankings. Mythril
Olympus Coliseum Yellow Lobby Next to the Stone. Olympia Keyblade
Olympus Coliseum White Coliseum Gates Very center of the area. Violetta
Deep Jungle Blue Camp Near the lab equipment. Chest of Dalmations
Deep Jungle Blue Climbing Trees Near entrance to Treehouse. Thundara-G
Deep Jungle Green Treetops Centre of area, its hard to view, due to being the same colour as the surrounds. Mythril Shard, HP
Deep Jungle White Cavern of Hearts Directly infront of the keyhole. Orichalcum
Agrabah Blue Bazaar Middle of the area. Mega-Ether and Munny
Agrabah Blue Cave Of Wonders Silent Chamber, infront of the stairs. Thunder-G
Agrabah Red Cave Of Wonders Treasure Room in front of a statue. Mythril Shard and Munny
Agrabah Green Storage Room In front of a shelf. AP Up
Agrabah Yellow Cave Of Wonders Hall in front of a pillar. The Idol falls and allows access to two chests containing, Thundara-G and Meteor-G
Agrabah White Cave Of Wonders Entrance, to the left as you enter. Ifrit Belt
Monstro Blue Mouth On a platform, revealed once the water is lowered. Potion, Cottage, and Munny
Monstro Blue Chamber 5 On the ground infront of entrance to Chamber 6. Cottage and Munny
Monstro Blue Throat Centre of the area on the lowest level. Mythril Shard and Munny.
Monstro Green Mouth On top of Geppetto”s Ship, accessible with High Jump. Mythril Shard
Monstro White Chamber 6 Climb the steps and drop into the area below them. Dark Matter
Halloween Town Red Oogie”s Manor In the first room after the bridge. This Trinity moves to the arch in the remains of Oogie”s Manor if you have destroyed him. Mythril Shard
Halloween Town White Moonlight Hill Left of the entrance, near some broken wall. Chest of Dalmations.
Atlantica White Triton”s Palace On the floor Orichalcum
Neverland Green Cabin On the floor Grants access to Captains Cabin
Neverland Yellow Ship”s Hold Upper level of the area, left side door. Orichalcum, Aero Magic Upgrade, Chest of Dalmations, and Dark Matter
Neverland White Ship”s Deck area above the captains cabin door. Chest of Dalmations
Hollow Bastion Blue Dungeon Center of room Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether, Cottage and HP
Hollow Bastion Blue Great Crest Right side, lower balcony near the large magic lift. Cottage, Megalixir and MP
Hollow Bastion Red Entrance Hall Second Floor, infront of a statue Emblem Piece
Hollow Bastion Green Library Second Floor, near table and save point. Access to a book to complete the puzzle.
Hollow Bastion White Rising Falls On the platform where Riku takes your Keyblade, in the water. Thundaga-G

The location of all the Trinity Marks in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix.

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