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this particular day in this post I am going to testimonial JBL Pulse 2 vs fee 3 and aid you decision which one is the ideal for you.

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days.

However, detect a stylish, functional, portable, durable, and the an excellent sounding speak isn’t easy due to the hundreds of options on the market.

JBL’s fee 3 and also Pulse 2 speakers remain famous choices due to the fact that when it comes under to the attributes mentioned above, lock tick every one of the boxes mentioned above.

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yet how carry out you compare these two speakers JBL Pulse 2 vs fee 3 indigenous the same manufacturer that from a street look so similar?

The reality is it’s easier than friend think.

despite some similarities these 2 speakers space actually fairly different and offer some unique selling points the are difficult to find in various other speakers at the same price point.

through that in mental let’s dive in and also see even if it is JBL Pulse 2 or charge 3 is much better suited to accomplish your audio needs.

FeaturesJBL Pulse 2JBL fee 3
Battery life10hrs20 hrs
Audio inputBluetooth 4.13.5mm aux portBluetooth 4.13.5mm aux port
Amazon product pageCheck priceCheck price

JBL Pulse 2 vs charge 3: Let’s find the winner




JBL Pulse 2 sporting activities a stylish architecture with LED lamp on the outside. It weighs 0.77kg and measures 7 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches making it slightly smaller than charge 3.

The exterior has variety of LEDs that light up when powered on. It has actually the same buttons as fee 3 together a sensor that detects the color of any kind of object you location in former of it and modifies the LED colour to enhance it.

These 2 speakers are aesthetically different, thanks to Pulse 2’s LEDs i m sorry cover many of the surface ar area on the external in comparison to fee 3’s fabric-covered exterior.

Charge 3 is the much more durable physics design the the 2 as it has fewer electronic parts ~ above its exterior.


Pulse 2 is splash-proof definition it can take some minor rain showers but exposure to too lot water will damage your speaker so you need to be mindful of that. At the same time Charge 3 is waterproof for approximately 30 minutes in 1-meter deep water.

among JBL fee 3’s crucial features is its power financial institution which allows you to fee other tools via USB right from her speaker. This is an extremely convenient when you’re much from a strength outlet to charge your little devices such as mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc.

green – ~ above the various other hand, Pulse 2’s differentiating feature is its capacity to display various light shows as soon as playing music to administer a visual accompaniment to your audio.

This have the right to be a actual party starter or great mood-setter, especially at night or in a dimly-lit room. There space 12 light reflects to choose from including fire and also water

Both speakers have the capacity of pairing with other JBL speaker to amplify her sound via the JBL attach feature.

Both JBL Pulse 2 and Charge 3 have a built-in speakerphone v echo-cancellation i m sorry is practically if you great to usage it as a hands-free machine with your phone.

Sound quality and performance


JBL fee 3 has great bass output. It sounds deep, natural, and punchy thanks to the passive radiators.

whether you’re listening come music such together trap which supplies a the majority of 808s, or jazz i m sorry uses classic bass guitars the sound is brilliant. The speaker is able come playback frequencies as low as 65Hz.

JBL Pulse 2 likewise has passive radiators and decent base reproduction yet is not as hefty as charge 3’s.

If we compare Pulse 2 vs fee 2, Pulse 2’s performance is more similar to charge 2 albeit with much less bass.

its frequency solution goes under to 85Hz which accounts for its inferior bass reproduction contrasted to fee 3.


The mids on charge 3 room well-balanced and surprisingly clear through minimal distortion. The speaker doesn’t sound fancy or exaggeration in the midrange.

red – However, Pulse 2 has actually a reasonably muddy midrange in comparison, definition the speaker’s clarity is no complement for JBL fee 3.With that being stated Pulse 2 is a an excellent speaker because that its size. It is certainly an advancement over the initial JBL Pulse.


The high on JBL charge 3 space bright without sounding irritating or piercing. Pulse 2 additionally has a clear and upper range, albeit a tiny colored.

It might trick the ear right into believing the speak is louder than it actually is as result of its brightness. Both speakers’ high-frequency solution maxes out at 20,000Hz.

Verdict: Overall, Charge 3 is the better speaker as far as audio top quality is concerned. It’s well balanced in all areas and offers a brilliant bass response.

conversely, JBL Pulse 2 isn’t together loud or clear as charge 3. All genres the music sound much better on fee 3 i beg your pardon is likewise the better performer because that outdoors.

The consolation for Pulse 2 is the if you wish to increase the audio output you deserve to pair 2 or more speakers with each other via JBL Connect.

The good thing is that the audio and light present in the speaker synchronizes when you connect many Pulse 2s together.

SimilaritiesBoth Pulse 2 and also Charge 3 can pair with various other JBL speakers to amplify the sound.Both of this speakers have 6000mAh battery capacity and also have a micro-USB port for charging.These 2 speakers assistance JBL affix for pairing with various other speakers come amplify the sound.Both support Bluetooth 4.1 for pairing and also have a 3.5mm aux entry port.DifferencesJBL Pulse 2 has a light present feature the JBL fee 3 lacks.JBL charge 3 has a power financial institution feature that is lacking in JBL Pulse 2.JBL fee 3


Charge 3 has a long battery life (20 hours) and comes with power bankIt’s waterproof for approximately 30 minutes in 1-meter deep water.JBL fee 3 offers fantastic sound quality.It’s constructed from sturdy material.This portable Bluetooth speaker has voice assistant integration.


It lacks a button to navigate songs backward. You deserve to only skip forward.JBL Pulse 2


Pulse 2 has a beautiful light present feature.It offers great sound quality.This speak comes with a built-in speakerphone.The speaker is splash-proof definition a little bit that water won’t damage it.


Pulse 2 battery life is short.It’s more expensive than Charge 3


Both speaker covered below i.e. JBL Pulse 2 vs fee 3 are an excellent options.

If you consider yourself one audiophile and sound high quality is your main priority then the ideal speaker for you is JBL fee 3 because it outperforms Pulse 2 in the department.

It’s a larger speaker v better-balanced sound and it has actually a far better bass response. No to point out Charge 3 has actually a power bank and a better battery life.

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If you desire something much more fun and also lively climate Pulse 2 is the much better option since the light present option if really pretty to look at and also is a great mood-setter whether for slow-moving music or a much more disco-like approach.