This is the review of the comparichild between 2 portable speakers from two different brands. The comparison here is in between the Bose SoundLink Micro and also the JBL Flip 4. There is roughly twenty dollars difference in their price array. To understand which one is worth buying for the price, go to the thorough testimonial.

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Bose SoundLink MicroJBL Flip 4
Fully waterproof.Ruggedised and portable architecture.Multiconnect.Massive sound from a palm-sized architecture.Speakerphone capabilities.Solid audio performance with well-off bass and well-identified highs. Reasonable price tag.Battery life.
Mean battery life.Doesn’t float.Latency concerns.Micro-USB for charging.The Micro-USB port have to be USB-C for quicker charging times.No track navigation buttons. Underwhelming mid-range sound.Its bass is enhanced but it still lacks some real bass punch.


ModelSoundLink MicroFlip 4
Deauthorize Features
Hands-Free FunctionYes
Amplification Typeactiveactive
Crossover Channel Qty
Frequency Response70 – 20000 Hz
Output Features
Output Level (SPL)80 db
Audio Amplifierintegratedintegrated
Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWired, Wireless
Built-in DecodersSBC decoder
Controlsactivate Bluetooth, power on/off, volume
Rechargeable Batteryrechargeablerechargeable
Run Time (Up To)6 hour(s)12 hour(s)
Recharge Time4 hours
Power SourceBatteryBattery
Connectivity InterfacesBluetooth 4.2
Net Streaming Services
Speaker TypeBluetooth SpeakerSpeaker
Speaker Channel Qty2
Speaker Channel TypemonoStereo
Driver Typefull-range driverfull-selection driver, passive radiator
Driver Qty2
Driver Diameter40 mm
Connector Type5 pin Micro-USB Type B
Width3.9 in6.9 in
Depth1.4 in2.8 in
Height3.9 in2.7 in
Weight10.23 oz18.16 oz
FeaturesCrisp, well balanced sound.Durable silicone strap.Clear & loud outdoors.Rugged, waterproof design (IPX7).Up to 6-hour battery life per charge.Pair 2 speakers for Stereo or Party Mode.Works with Amazon Echo Dot.Access your phone’s Siri or your Google Assistant.Built-in speakerphone.With Bluetooth modern technology, the JBL Flip 4 wirelessly streams music from almost all Bluetooth-permitted devices, and has actually the capability to concurrently connect to two smartphones/tablets.Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 12 hours of playtime.Hear the bass, feel the bass, check out the bass. Dual exterior passive radiators demonstrate simply just how powerful your speaker is.
Detail Review:


Bose SounLink Micro

The Bose SoundLink Micro is not cheap at all, in truth, it appears to be really pricey, it is retailing for around a hundred dollars presently on Amazon. When I gained the product my initial thoughts were more in line that it is yet one more compact speaker, it is yet another speaker from a brand that claims to be really good however it’s simply an average speaker with a hefty price tag.

JBL Flip 4

This speaker is from a well-known series from JBL that is the Flip series speakers from the JBL and also these are the ones that develop upon the style that their previous models had. This speaker is retailing for roughly eighty dollars currently on Amazon, which is among the budget-friendly speakers obtainable in the market.



Bose SounLink Micro

You deserve to notification how light and also compact the speaker is and that itself provides you feel prefer that the speaker is not of high top quality because in basic, a heavier speaker has actually a bigger better magnet and also sounds much better. The speaker in itself is coated through this rubberized finish, which is matte and also it does not tempt fingerprints and also it is IPX7 rated which is wonderful.

The earlier of the speaker has actually a really nice tear-resistant strap that will allow you to attach the speaker to basically anything. So, if you have actually a handlebar on your bike or a cycle or a strap of your backfill, you basically acquire the concept. So, you deserve to attach this to anything vertically or horizontally, and it renders for a great product. The speaker itself has a couple of buttons, so you have actually the multifeature switch best tright here in the front which is flanked on either side through the volume up and down button, and also on the peak, you will watch the power switch and the Bluetooth switch. Between the power and the Bluetooth switch is a collection of LEDs that tell you the portion of battery and whether the Bluetooth is in pairing mode or connected.

JBL Flip 4

There are no major redeindicators or changes on offer below. Flip 4 is approximately the same size as Flip 3. Although it is slightly bigger and also weighs slightly more however not necessarily a difference that you will notification. To all objectives, this is pretty a lot the very same size and same-looking speaker as before. The external casing is nearly identical to last year’s design with a Flip 4 covered in the exact same rubber body and also making you the very same mesh style casing. On the top of the speaker is where you will certainly find most of the controls such as the play and also pause switch, volume up and also down switch, and also your Bluetooth button. At the back of the speaker is wright here you will discover connection ports, consisting of a 3.5-millimeter jack port and also a micro USB charge port.



Bose SounLink Micro

As far as the unboxing endure, like any type of various other Bose box in the previous is pretty standard, and also it’s a compact box. The initially thing you will view inside package is the speaker itself. If you go further in package, you carry out obtain a few bookallows and also documentation and then you additionally gain the micro USB charging cable. For its price variety, I was really expecting some kind of a lug situation perhaps a soft towel situation yet none of that was uncovered inside package. Due to the fact that this is a rugged speaker, it is likewise drop rated and also it is water-resistant, so you have the right to literally throw it in water and it must be okay for about 30 minutes at around one meter of depth.

Once you execute affix to your smartphone or laptop or whatever before, you carry out have actually the Bose Connect application that enables you to regulate a couple of things on the speaker and also additionally install firmware updates if and as soon as they are available for the speaker directly from the app. Bose is additionally claiming a six-hour battery life, and also if you are not pumping the music to the full volume you should gain somewbelow approximately that. This speaker is really loud sufficient and also I found it really excellent sufficient to have actually a little party in a single large room.

JBL Flip 4

In regards to the features, the JBL Flip 4 comes loaded via 2 40-millimeter vehicle drivers and also looks to offer an output of 8 watts per channel. The frequency response is pretty average via the lowering coming in at 70 Hertz and the higher end the 20 kiloHertz. This is a Bluetooth speaker with the JBL Flip 4 making use of Bluetooth 4.2 to develop a preserve relationships. With this being a JBL speaker, this one have the right to be linked to the JBL Connect app. In fact, unlike the previous Flip models, Flip 4 renders you JBL Connect Plus which means it deserve to affix to more than a hundred other JBL speakers. The downside though is you have the right to just attach to other JBL Connect Plus speakers. It is not backward compatible via the traditional JBL Connect. This speaker does comic quotes for Google Assistant compatibility, so as soon as it is linked to your smartphone, you have the right to usage Flip 4 to initiate Google Assistant.

While the capacity of the battery inside the JBL Flip 4 is similar to the Flip three, JBL is claiming you’ll gain 12 hours this time compared to the 10 hours that were on market with the JBL Flip 3. However, we found the battery life not rather as long-lasting as JBL claims. As a roll, if you are running this speaker at an 80% are greater volume level then you should mean the battery to last no much longer than 5 hrs. The huge offering suggest with the JBL Flip 4 over the Flip 3 is this one comes via a fully waterproof body via the consisted of IPX7 certification which doesn’t mean that unchoose the JBL Flip 3 which you can only splash with water Flip or deserve to be submerged in water totally approximately a depth of 1 meter and also for as lengthy as 30 minutes.



Bose SounLink Micro

The minute I turned the volume up on this speaker I was rather surprised. The amount of sound and the amount of volume that you gain from the speaker is really indescribable. It is in comparikid the size of a Google Home Mini or an Amazon Echo Dot, it sounds at least four times better than the Echo Dot and also at least twice as loud as the Google Home Mini.

JBL Flip 4

A Bluetooth speaker is only as good as it sounds and on that note, the JBL Flip believed is a great sounding speaker. This is never before going to be a speaker that uses any type of genuine bass and also so you have to not be expecting a bass-hefty output from the Flip 4, if anything this is wright here sounds compromised the most. Although, this is an problem with a Flip line in general, as its size and its architecture will certainly constantly impact bass response. That distinction is rather negotiable as the mids and the tops are definitely the overwhelming elements on both Flip versions.



If you already very own the Flip 3 then the Flip 4 is not worth buying at its price range bereason not of that upgrade. But if you do not very own Flip 3 then the Flip 4 is really worth buying for eighty dollars in comparichild to Bose SoundLink Micro which is retailing for roughly a hundred dollars because the Flip 4 has actually much better sound, much better battery, and better features than the Bose SoundLink Micro for a lower price.

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