The Blue Meanie And Jbl Blue Meanie One Night Stand Incident

During a brawl inside a densely-filled ring in 2005, JBL legitimately laid a beating on The Blue Meanie, leaving his face bloodied in the aftermath. Even though the ring was filled with dozens of bodies, the state Blue Meanie was in just couldn’t be ignored.

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In a happy ending, JBL and The Blue Meanie are now friends.

In 2015, The Blue Meanie gave an update on his relationship with JBL:

“From that ugly incident to now, Twitter buddies,” Blue Meanie began. “Yeah, you can make friends with somebody once you make money with them.

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The coup de grâce was this last year he tried to get me in the Royal Rumble since it was in Philadelphia. He lobbied because I had just done ECW Unreleased Volume 3 for WWE what better way to announce the DVD than getting an ECW Original in Philadelphia coming to the ring. It came down to that Friday before, but in the end, they picked Bubba instead of me. I love Bubba, and I marked out seeing Bubba come out, too!”

The Blue Meanie was only two days out from a Royal Rumble appearance before WWE decided to go with Bubba Ray, but JBL nearly got him there!

A happy ending to an otherwise rough story.

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