Student fundraisers that sell candy bars will no longer be permitted during college hours since of new federal regulations.

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Only foodstuffs that meet the new nutritional standards might be marketed at fundraisers on institution campuses during school hours, follow to heath Snead, food solutions coordinator because that Franklin county pubic schools.

"There will be no much more sending fundraiser items, such as candy bars, home with students," said Assistant Superintendent Sue Rogers. "Those items will need to be choose up by parental 30 minutes after the finish of the college day."

However, the new rules also do not use to fundraisers held on school campuses outside of college hours, Snead said. "School hours" are characterized as the midnight prior to school opens through 30 minute after the end of the institution day.

"But during school hours, every competitive food items, including concession stand sales, must meet the "Smart Snacks" nutrition standards," Snead told institution board members Monday night.

Foods and beverages marketed in vending machines and also snack bars are likewise required to accomplish the clever Snacks standards.

The United claims Department of agriculture (USDA) has implemented brand-new regulations for institutions accepting help from the national School Lunch regime in conjunction through the Healthy, Hunger-Free children Act the 2010. As of July 1, the nutrition criter upheld by the nationwide School Lunch regime shall apply to all foodstuffs sold on college campuses and at any kind of time throughout the college day.

The new rules carry out not use to treats listed for celebrations and parties or meals packed from home due to the fact that those items room not "sold," Snead said.

Union Hall district member P.D. Hambrick asked just how the brand-new regulations would influence the county"s earlier Pack regimen that sends out food home with kids for the weekend.

Snead stated food provided to children participating in the back Pack programs would certainly be freed from the regulations because that food is not sold to students.

During the meeting, Boone ar board member Thad Montgomery voiced his not say of the new regulations, speak that children will just lug their food from home and "we can"t stop that."

"Why do we proceed to go down this path?" he asked. "The federal federal government is do the efforts to regulate everything."

To comply v the brand-new regulations, local education agencies and also school food authorities will certainly be fee with maintaining records, such as receipts, nutrition labels and also product specifications.

Franklin County"s food services department will certainly soon provide links on the school department website, The info tool kit attach is draft to administer guidance on the brand-new regulations and offer sources that will certainly be helpful in comment questions and also selecting food and also beverage items that satisfy USDA regulations.

The clever Snack Calculator attach will help determine compliance the food and beverage items. Those accessing the attach may use ingredient brand to identify compliance.

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