Is Distilled Water Homogeneous Or Heterogeneous Mixture? Is Distilled Water A Mixture Or A Pure Substance


it is a homogeneousExplanation:because you can't count the water”},{“id”:3727850,”content”:”Answer:Distilled water is a homogeneous mixture.Explanation:Homogeneous mixture is a mixture which a substance cannot be distinguished. It is a pure substance consists of a single phase.”}>” data-test=”answer-box-list”>

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Distilled water is a homogeneous mixture.


Homogeneous mixture is a mixture which a substance cannot be distinguished. It is a pure substance consists of a single phase.

6. During this pandemic, we use alcohol because it is an antiseptic. How can a rubbing alcohol help clean and disinfect?A. It can be used to clean our…hands. B. It has antimicrobial effect when apply to our hands. C. It has a natural bactericidal treatment that kills bacteria, fungus and viruses. D. It has several potential uses in personal care as well as in household cleaning.​

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which of the following DOES NOT belong to the group ?A. AlcoholB. CoffeeC. Apple IceD. SandPasagot lng po >:3​
Problem #1: What is the percent by volume of a solution formed by mixing 25mL of isopropanol with 45mL water​
arrange the jumbles letters to describe the correct ways of separating mixure 1.stones from sand. IEVINSG2.flour from water . oil…from vinegar. TACANDETINO4.salt from seawater . APORATINOVE5.staple wire from sand TAGNEM NSUGIA​
if you put your washed clothes under the sun, it will dry after hours. What process takes place in the dying of clothes under the sun? A Condensation…B Evaporation C. Oxidation D SublimationPls pa help po​
Summative Assessment Identify the technique to be used to be able to separate the following mixtures whether handpicking, winnowing, decantation, use…of magnet, sieving, filtering or evaporation. 1. iron fillings and sand 2. salt in water3.oil in water 4.gravel and sand5.biodegradable to non biodegradable materials6.rice and rice husks7.brewing coffe8.coarse lumps of chipping and metals10.saparating books and others papersanswerrrrr plssss now npo need lang​

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