What Is A Fielders Choice An At Bat ? A Complete Guide

What Is The Definition Of Fielder’s Choice In Baseball?


1. This refers to when a defensive player fields a batted ball and puts out the baserunner, allowing the batter to safely reach base. It was the “choice of the fielder” to pursue the baserunner for an out, instead of the batter who put the ball into play. Although the batter reaches base safely, they are not credited with a hit, however they are charged with an at-bat.

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A fielder can record an out by either tagging a baserunner or recording a force out at either base that allows a force out during the play.

Does A Fielder’s Choice Count As An At-Bat?

Yes, the batter in a fielder’s choice is recorded with an at-bat as well as a plate appearance. No hit is recorded, however, if the baserunner is retired on a force out.

If the batter manages to advance to second base, they are credited with a single. The second base is said to be taken “on the throw.”

Do You Get An RBI On A Fielder’s Choice?

Yes, a run scored on a fielder’s choice is credited with an RBI in most cases. The exception to this rule occurs when the run is scored as the result of an error committed on the play.

According to MLB rules, the official scorer should not award an RBI to the batter if the run is scored due to fielder either throwing to a wrong base or holding the ball.

Does Fielder’s Choice Affect Batting Average?

Yes, a player’s batting average is negatively affected by a fielder’s choice since it is counted as a hitless at-bat.

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What Does FC Mean In Baseball?

FC is an abbreviation for fielder’s choice. This abbreviation is used by the official scorer to indicate that the baserunner advanced without marking a hit or a stolen base.

Examples Of How Fielder’s Choice Is Used In Commentary

1. Robinson hits a hard grounder up the middle, but Jones dives and flips the ball to second for his only play. The baserunner does a good job of breaking up the double-play, allowing Robinson to reach on a fielder’s choice. Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Fielder’s Choice

In many instances on defense, the fielding team will opt to go for the fielder’s choice instead of trying to get the batter out at first base. The reason for this is because in many instances, going for the force out is easier and has a less chance of committing an error.

For example, if there is one out with a runner on first and second base, and the ball is hit to the third baseman, the third baseman may opt to just field the ball and play it safe by stepping on third base. By doing this, he not only gets the lead runner, but he doesn’t risk an error by throwing the ball across the diamond.

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Another instance that a fielder’s choice is most likely to occur is when a batter hits into a potential double-play. The fielder may get the lead runner out, but fail to get the batter out at first base. In this scenario, the batter won’t be credited with a hit, as it is marked a fielder’s choice.

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