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This is a thorough review of the SSV800 Accu Slim sous vide circulator, an cheap sous vide immersion circulator recently released by immediate Pot. We were fortunate that prompt Pot sent us an Accu Slim to test for this review.

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This circulator is the 2nd sous vide circulator that immediate Pot has lugged to market. The SSV800 Accu Slim is essentially a smaller, cost-reduced version of the initial SV800, with very similar performance characteristics. The function of this testimonial is to give you the details you need to identify if the Accu Slim is the right immersion circulator for your needs.

If you\"re not into details you have the right to go directly to my Accu Slim an introduction and catch all the highlights of mine analysis.

Table of Contents

Nits through the Accu Slim
Now let\"s gain started with the Accu Slim review!

Accu Slim an easy Specifications

The chart listed below lists the straightforward specifications published for the Accu Slim. Please refer to this as important as i highlight few of the specifications. Unfortunately, instant Pot go a reasonably poor job of providing detailed specifications in their literature and also advertising. And also in some cases, the details castle do provide are inconsistent, sometimes also in the same document. I did my ideal to carry out the people I might and noted an \"NA\" because that those that were no available.

Basic SpecificationsParametersInstant Pot Accu Slim Circulator
Tube Diameter2.00\" (5.1cm)
Height13\" (33.0cm)
Width2.5\" (6.4cm)
Weight1.7 lbs (783g)
Min Immersion Depth2.6\" (6.6cm)
Max Immersion Depth4.63\" (11.8cm)
Min/Max Spacing2.0\" (5.1cm)
Min Pot Depth5.5\" (14cm)
Has TimerYes
Voltage110-120 VAC
Type the ClampScrew
Max Clamp Opening1\" (2.54cm)
Wetted part MaterialSS Skirt
Remaining MaterialPolycarbonate
Cord Length37\" (94cm)
CleaningSkirt can be removed
Made InChina

Size that the Accu Slim


The snapshot above may look favor an immersion circulator household photo v Mommy, Daddy and also Baby. However its in reality the prompt Pot SV800 and SSV800 Accu Slim with the Anova Precision Cooker.

As you deserve to see the SSV800 Accu Slim is about 2\" shorter, and also both the top and also tube that the an equipment are narrower, than the SV800 and the Anova. The Accu Slim is also about 20% lighter 보다 the various other two circulators. This method the Accu Slim takes up much less room in the water bath and also your kitchen drawer once stored.

However, the ChefSteps Joule is still the smallest immersion circulator being an additional 2\" shorter as well as narrower and lighter. However it\"s also considerably an ext expensive.

Support For many Water bathtub Containers


The clamp top top the SSV800 Accu Slim is permanently attached to the body of the unit, unequal the clamp top top the SV800 which is a sleeve, enabling the unit to slide up and also down in the clamp. Consequently, the Accu Slim is much more restricted as come the dimension of water bath container it deserve to be supplied with. I don\"t know this is a huge deal since it will job-related with containers that space at the very least 5.5\" deep, i beg your pardon is the vast majority of containers civilization use because that sous vide, yet it is precious mentioning.

Materials and also Cleaning the Accu Slim Immersion Circulator


The Accu Slim is created of material similar to many immersion circulators today. The top of the unit is made of sturdy polycarbonate and also the section in the bathtub is stainless steel.

Often once considering the purchase of one immersion circulator people don\"t provide much assumed to cleaning the unit. However if friend have difficult water prefer I execute or have actually experienced a sous vide bag leaking top top a lengthy cook, climate you recognize that cleaning have the right to be crucial factor in your purchasing decision. The removable stainless stole skirt top top the Accu Slim provides it extremely straightforward to obtain into the \"working\" parts of the unit and keep castle clean.

The SSV800 Accu Slim is Inexpensive

Perhaps the greatest function of the Accu Slim is its low cost. Occasionally, some various other immersion circulators will certainly be top top sale for a comparable price, but the Accu Slim is just one of the couple of circulators through a repetitively low price.

Accu Slim performance Specifications


The primary function of a sous vide water bathtub is to maintain a precise low temperature during the entire duration that the cooking cycle, which could be minutes or days. There are many factors that go into determining just how well the Accu Slim immersion circulator can perform this function. Please refer to the chart below as essential as you check out through this section.

Performance SpecificationsParametersInstant Pot Accu Slim Circulator
Lowest Temperature104°F (40°C)
Highest Temperature195°F (91°C)
Temperature VariabilityNA
Temperature Granularity1.0°F or 0.1°C
Has Circulation PumpYes
Pump SpeedNA
Can straight Pump OutputNo
Maximum Water CapacityNA
Heater Output800 Watts
Water Level SensorsAuto shut off
Amazon RatingNA
Amazon evaluation CountNA

Capacity of the Accu Slim is Unknown

Since immediate Pot does no specify one of two people the pump rate or the maximum water capacity for the Accu Slim, it is an overwhelming to determine how huge of a water bath container the Accu Slim might handle. But from my testing, it functioned fine in my 10 together water bath container.

Accu Slim strength Output

At 800 watt the SSV800 Accu Slim is one of the immersion circulators ~ above the low-end of the power spectrum. This typically way it will certainly take it much more time to with the target temperature when beginning a new cook. This may, or might not, be a problem to girlfriend personally. If it is important, the Joule and Gourmia GSV130 have the greatest wattage specified. Also, there are a few different ways to assist ameliorate this shortcoming.

Amazon Rating

At the moment of this composing there was just one five-star evaluation on Amazon. Back Amazon reviews cannot constantly be trusted, if there is a large number the them, it\"s typically a pretty great indicator of the quality and performance of the product. Hopefully, gradually there will certainly be more reviews i beg your pardon you deserve to look in ~ to recognize people\"s solution to the Accu Slim.

One thing which ns do think is a great sign, however, is the if you look at the ratings that the other instant Pot products, they space usually extremely rated with countless reviews.

Accu Slim Benchmark Results

The prior 2 sections presented the specifications for the Accu Slim. This section will demonstrate what actually happens once the \"rubber access time the road\". Us have developed the \"Sous Vide device Benchmark\" the runs the immersion circulator v a collection of lifelike scenarios to see how it operates \"in the genuine world\".

Benchmark ResultsParametersInstant Pot Accu Slim Circulator
Room Temp start Time29:10
Hot Tap start Time07:20
Low Temperature140.7°F
Low Temperature Maximum140.7°F
Low Temperature Minimum140.5°F
Low Temp Variation0.2°F
Temp increase Time23:20
High Temperature183.9°F
High Temperature Maximum183.9°F
High Temperature Minimum183.7°F
High Temp Variation0.2°F
First Hour power Use0.44 kWh
Total strength Use0.90 kWh
Sound Adjacent51 dB
Sound 12\" Away50 dB

The outcomes of the benchmark are shown in the table above for the SSV800 Accu Slim. You can learn much more about the Sous Vide machine Benchmark and also see exactly how the Accu Slim compare with various other sous vide machines we have benchmarked.

Overall the benchmark results for the Accu Slim immersion circulator room quite similar to those of most other circulators. The greatest differences, as mentioned above, are the much longer start time of the Accu Slim. This may, or might not, be critical factor in her purchasing decision, depending upon how you use your immersion circulator.

To it is in fair, it\"s worth noting the the begin times because that the Accu Slim room slightly faster than for the 800 W, Bluetooth version of the Anova Precision cooker, which us recommend.

User interface of the Accu Slim Immersion Circulator

Control Panel


Because of the simplicity the the maker itself, that is quite straightforward to easily get your chef underway. Because it only has manual controls there\"s no must do any syncing to her smartphone etc. It is intuitive to go into the target temperature and cooking time native the control panel, then hit the Start switch to get things cooking.

The control panel that the SSV800 Accu Slim circulator has actually two shining readouts for temperature and time, i beg your pardon are basic to check out (With an exception noted below in the \"Nits\"). You press the Mode switch to move between setup the temperature and the time.

Nits v the Accu Slim

These are just a couple of minor concerns that pest me personally. They might not affect you in ~ all. However for completeness I thought I would cite them briefly.

Angle the the SSV800 Accu Slim control Panel


I to be confident the the developers of the Accu Slim had actually many great reasons for selecting the edge of the display on the control panel the the circulator. And also I presume the the bulk of world have not given that specific characteristic of the maker much thought.

Unfortunately, i am in a fairly unique place in that i am in a wheelchair and also thus my eye level is quite low. Together a result, the is impossible for me to run the Accu Slim since I cannot view the display screens or buttons. In order to run the sous vide benchmark I had to have my wife run the circulator because that me.

This would likewise be an concern for anyone on the much shorter side, including children. So this will be a huge negative because that anyone who likes including their kids in the kitchen or is shorter than average. If that fits your case I would recommend the Anova Precision Cooker or Nano, which have actually front-facing control panels. I additionally feel that a more vertical angle would certainly make it simpler to view the temperatures from across the room, regardless of her height.

Default Timer Setting

We newly did a poll in which only 14% that the people indicated they use the timer on your machine, and only 29% of civilization use the timer on one app. Neither Jason or I usage the timer. Mine two main reasons for this space the following. First, i typically set the \"done\" time on my phone so that, no matter where ns am, I deserve to keep monitor of as soon as the cook will complete.

Second, and by far the many important, is the I execute not desire the circulator come shut under at the finish of the chef time, which could let the water bath cool down right into the risk zone if because that some reason I acquire delayed in remove the protein native the water bath. Among the advantages of cooking sous vide is that you have actually a much more comprehensive margin the error on your cook times. In other words, if it cooks for an extra hour or two, in most situations that will certainly not be a trouble - at least it will be for sure to eat.

On most immersion circulators, if you execute not set the timer, the does not come right into play in ~ all. Therefore, you deserve to simply collection the target temperature and also hit start and also your off and cooking. Unfortunately, through the Accu Slim, you are forced to set the timer, or it will certainly shut off in 4 hours. This is one unnecessary problem that might be a real problem if friend forget to set it and also then be surprised when you return house to a cool water bath and a ruined steak.

Accu Slim Summary

The SSV800 Accu Slim is the 2nd sous vide immersion circulator marketed by immediate Pot. I absolutely prefer it to the SV800 since of its smaller size, lower price, and similar performance. The Accu Slim is really plain and simple, no sophisticated bells and whistles, but I feel that\"s one of its strengths - this simplicity makes it fairly easy come use.

The power of the Accu Slim place it around in the middle of the pack of easily accessible sous vide immersion circulators. It does a good job of maintaining a consistent temperature in the water bath, i beg your pardon of course is the most important duty of the device. It should be plenty an effective enough to job-related in a water bath through the capacity of 4 to 5 gallons.

An necessary feature of the Accu Slim is its short cost, $80 at the time of this review. This will enable someone who wants to try sous vide cooking to obtain in at a really reasonable price. However, if price is your main purchasing criteria, I would encourage friend to it is in patient and also watch out for sales of other sous vide immersion circulators i m sorry are typically priced higher. Regularly they may have actually sales that price their circulators in ~ a comparable price. For example, Anova culinary recently had actually a clearance sale on your Anova Precision Cooker (Bluetooth - 800W) maker for $79. In my opinion, that would be a much better purchase.

I expect this testimonial of the SSV800 Accu Slim has detailed you through the info you should make a well-informed purchasing decision about a sous vide immersion circulator. I encourage you to check out the website for reviews of various other sous vide machines. If you do purchase an immersion circulator you might be interested in looking at our evaluate of Sous Vide Water bathtub Containers.

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If the SSV800 Accu Slim sous vide circulator sounds favor something you would like, you can get it on Amazon.