Second place. If girlfriend guessed first place, the person in an initial place is still there. But I’m sure you’re capturing up.

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Second place. If girlfriend guessed first place, the person in very first place is still there. But I’m sure you’re capturing up.


Ooh, yeah. If you space running in opposing direction, you would certainly be third place. This is tricky to part people, however if you pass the second place, YOU take it HIS PLACE.


If you room running in the opposite direction, you space NOT in the race. Listen to the inquiry CAREFULLY and stop trying to it is in smarter 보다 you are.


There’s so numerous things wrong with this riddle.

Misinformation can take place due to the fact that of wordplay and also context usage.

For example, one deserve to interpret that since the human being who’s in 2nd place, is in “2nd Place” as a state of ‘finishing’ the race, the human coming to ‘pass the persong in second Place’ would certainly actually be 3rd place.

The an alleged answer that is generally mistaken but can likewise be correct, is becoming first place in the context of “passing 2nd place.” as soon as you happen the human in second place, the speak to to inquiry is his location of becoming second. You have the right to become 1st if and only if the person in 2nd place is second because of girlfriend passing him. Meaning, his state of 2nd place is due to the fact that of you being the only person to happen him to end up being 1st.

Then the ‘official’ answer of ending up being 2nd, early out to tiny context that time placement. You come to be 2nd, as soon as the person in place of second is gift stripped indigenous his place when there’s an additional runner(someone put 1st) ahead.

This is a yes, really dumb riddle, however its just my opinion.

BigAce claims December 20, 2016

For people saying the price is second place. What wake up if it is a Two man race? Why walk one assume over there is more than 2 participants? The only way to qualify over there was an ext than 2 participants the would cause for the question to include the words that WAS, ex. If girlfriend were to run in a race and also pass the human WHO to be in 2nd place (which identify they space now also lower than second place), what place are you in? If the words that WAS are not contained the human being is IN second place when you’ve passed the leaving friend IN an initial place. ?????? through illustrations, if the human being in first place just passed one person, who did the pass?? go he pass the man IN third place or the male IN second place?? The answer would certainly be the person IN 2nd place. So by happen the human IN 2nd place that left the man doing the pass IN first place. You’re Welcome.

Dan states December 21, 2016

You couldn’t pass the person in 2nd place if over there were only two participants.

Rome says January 23, 2017

The concern is prefer this….”if u room passing the 2nd…” – that way there is someone on the very first place. And that method also there space 2 people already. And the inquiry started prefer this…”if u space in running in a race” –>that renders it 3 persons already. Therefore the dispute of having actually only 2 people is completely WRONG!!! BigAce…U R absolutely wrong!?

Jawsqaure states December 7, 2017

Its 2nd place

anthony horton claims December 15, 2017

I’ve been doing a trick-question quiz today and also assumed the answer was second. Now it seems that civilization assume otherwise. Even my daft sister thought the very same as I.There is no trick.

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Cool emoji girl claims January 26, 2018

I obtained the appropriate answer come this concern ~ that is 2nd place

Mufaro claims September 29, 2018

This teaser is messing v our brains, nice one


This totoally renders sense when you actually prevent to think about. Ns said first at first, yet now I recognize why the second. The prize lies in the very first part the the riddle. Permit me explain:

The an initial part says: “If you room running in a race and pass the human being in 2nd place…” The phrase below would imply that ‘‘you’’ are at this time in third place and by happen the person in 2nd place “you” as such take over second place. “You” can’t be in second place “and pass the human in second place…” i beg your pardon would mean you having to happen themselves which renders no sense. Through this statement, you can not be in 1st place when you pass the human in 2nd place since you can not be in second place to start with. In order for you to be in first place by passing the human in 2nd, the person in 1st would have to be second which is difficult if you space the one in 2nd place.

I think why the answer gained me to begin with was due to the fact that in my mind, i was reasoning “and you pass the second person”. If the riddle read prefer this: “If you room running in a race and pass the 2nd person (notice how the indigenous “place” to be taken out from 2nd place person) then the answer of you being in first would make sense.

Caldirun claims march 13, 2019

I have actually passed the person in 2nd place and also still continued to be in sixth place, how?