If You’Re Running A Race And You Pass The Person In Second Place, What Place Are You In?

Second place. If you guessed first place, the person in first place is still there. But I’m sure you’re catching up.

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Second place. If you guessed first place, the person in first place is still there. But I’m sure you’re catching up.


Ooh, yeah. If you are running in the opposite direction, you would be third place. This is tricky to some people, but if you pass the second place, YOU TAKE HIS PLACE.


If you are running in the opposite direction, you are NOT in the race. Listen to the question CAREFULLY and stop trying to be smarter than you are.


There’s so many things wrong with this riddle.

Misinformation can take place because of wordplay and context usage.

For example, one can interpret that because the person who’s in second place, is in “2nd Place” as a state of ‘finishing’ the race, the person coming to ‘pass the persong in 2nd Place’ would actually be 3rd place.

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The supposed answer that is generally mistaken but can also be correct, is becoming 1st place in the context of “passing 2nd place.” When you pass the person in second place, the call to question is his place of becoming second. You can become 1st if and only if the person in second place is second because of you passing him. Meaning, his state of 2nd place is because of you being the only person to pass him to become 1st.

Then the ‘official’ answer of becoming 2nd, due to little context of time placement. You become 2nd, when the person in place of 2nd is being stripped from his place when there’s another runner(someone placing 1st) ahead.

This is a really dumb riddle, but its just my opinion.

BigAce says December 20, 2016

For folk saying the answer is 2nd place. What happens if it is a Two man race? Why does one assume there is more than two participants? The only way to qualify there was more than two participants it would cause for the question to include the words WHO WAS, ex. If you were running in a race and pass the person WHO WAS in Second place (which determines they are now even lower than second place), what position are you in? If the words WHO WAS are not included the person is IN second place once you’ve passed him leaving you IN first place. ?????? With illustrations, if the Person in first place only passed one person, who did he pass?? Did he pass the guy IN 3rd place or the guy IN 2nd place?? The answer would be the person IN 2nd place. So by passing the Person IN 2nd place that left the guy doing the passing IN 1st place. You’re Welcome.

Dan says December 21, 2016

You couldn’t pass the person in second place if there were only two participants.

Rome says January 23, 2017

The question is like this….”if u are passing the 2nd…” – that means there is someone on the first place. And that means also there are 2 persons already. And the question started like this…”if u are in running in a race” –>that makes it 3 persons already. So the argument of having only 2 persons is totally WRONG!!! BigAce…U R absolutely wrong!?

Jawsqaure says December 7, 2017

Its second place

anthony horton says December 15, 2017

I’ve been doing a trick-question quiz today and assumed the answer was second. Now it seems that people assume otherwise. Even my daft sister thought the same as I.There is no trick.

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Cool emoji girl says January 26, 2018

I got the right answer to this question ~ it is second place

Mufaro says September 29, 2018

This teaser is messing with our brains, nice one


This totoally makes sense when you actually stop to think about. I said first at first, but now I understand why it’s second. The answer lies in the first part of the riddle. Let me explain:

The first part says: “If you are running in a race and pass the person in second place…” The phrase here would suggest that ‘‘you’’ are currently in 3rd place and by passing the person in 2nd place “you” therefore take over 2nd place. “You” can’t be in 2nd place “and pass the person in second place…” which would mean you having to pass themselves which makes no sense. With this statement, you can’t be in 1st place when you pass the person in 2nd place because you couldn’t be in 2nd place to begin with. In order for you to be in 1st place by passing the person in 2nd, the person in 1st would have to be second which is impossible if you are the one in 2nd place.

I think why the answer got me to begin with was because in my mind, I was thinking “and you pass the second person”. If the riddle read like this: “If you are running in a race and pass the second person (notice how the word “place” was taken out from second place person) then the answer of you being in first would make sense.

Caldirun says March 13, 2019

I have passed the person in second place and still remained in sixth place, how?

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