If The Earth Had No Atmosphere, What Would Happen

The depletion of atmosphere would not only be fatal to humans but also to most of the plants and animals out on the planet. Even flying creatures wouldn’t be immune to hazards arising from atmosphere-less planet.

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Talking about the atmosphere and how reckless human activities are messing with it is a common topic on the Internet. These sorts of stories can end up in front of you through various social media channels, peer discussions, or television. They can pop up practically anywhere, which is actually a good thing.

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However, this post is not about saving the atmosphere, but rather imagining life without it! What if the atmosphere on the Earth suddenly disappears? What if some gigantic space hand peels the protective layer off of our planet?

What is our atmosphere made of?

The atmosphere, as we know it, is a protective layer of gases that envelop the Earth. It consists of a number of gases, including nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), argon (0.93%) and traces of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, and other noble gases. The atmosphere is held in place above the planet (as is true of any other celestial body with an atmosphere) due to its gravitational force, which keeps it adhered.

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Importance of the atmosphere

The benefits of having an atmosphere are too extensive to list. The fact that most of life as we know it depends on it says plenty about the atmosphere’s importance to the planet. In addition to being an abundant source of oxygen, i.e., the lifeline of most life forms on Earth, the atmosphere also acts as an insulating layer that protects us from harmful solar and other cosmic radiations.


The dreadfully high number of visible craters on the Moon’s surface bear witness to the hammering it has taken from comets and asteroids (Image Source:

All in all, Earth is incredibly dependent on its atmosphere, so it is in our own and nearly every other life forms’ (except microorganisms reliant on anaerobic respiration) best interests to keep the atmosphere healthy, and more importantly, attached to our planet!

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