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Answer: The New York Mets
In the very beginning of the movie, when the news reporter talks to the woman who has cured cancer, a information bar is sliding along the bottom of the screen. On this bar it says “Mets sign young pitching prospect Thomas Baker through 2012”.
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When we first see Robert Neville take a turn in his car, what is the shop on the corner of the building on his right hand side called?

Answer: Will Smith He is first seen in the film hunting the deer, but leaves it for the lion which attacks it first. Will Smith left the filming for a few days to attend Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes” wedding in Rome.

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Answer: Will Smith Will Smith plays the lead role of Dr. Robert Neville, a military scientist who tries to find a vaccine for the virus before the government orders the city locked down. He earned his third Academy Award nomination for the role. His first was for the part of Muhammad Ali in the movie “Ali.”
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Answer: Union Square The Union Square Subway Station is located at the crossing of Fourth Avenue and 14th Street in Manhattan, New York City, where Robert and his family lived. Over 35 million people entered this station in 2008, and this proves that it”s an important connection point between different lines.
Answer: James Newton Howard The main soundtrack for the film is called “My Name is Robert Neville” and is played when the radio broadcast is being first heard. Howard wrote the music for “The Sixth Sense”. He also toured with Elton John and the group Toto.
Answer: “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh When Ethan is in Dr. Neville”s living room watching the movie “Shrek”, you can see the painting hanging on the wall over the television. Of course, this is only a copy of the painting. The real painting has been on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City since 1941.

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7 When we first see Robert Neville take a turn in his car, what is the shop on the corner of the building on his right hand side called?
Answer: Daffy”s Daffy”s is a fashion store found several places in Manhattan, but also in the rest of New York and the US. The first Daffy”s store was located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and was called Daffy Dan”s Bargain Town. When Robert drives past their sign, we see the view in first person, making it fairly easy to see the shop.

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