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How to Unlock Your Phone Using Free Unlock Phone Codes?

Mobile carriers in the United States, as well as in a number of other countries, sell phones with special deals or price reductions. However, such phones are frequently network-locked. You can’t switch to a different carrier’s network by swapping out the SIM card. Here are a few options for unlocking phones for free or at a little cost while remaining legal and risk-free.

This article discusses how to obtain free phone unlocking codes as well as how to have your phone unlocked for free by your carrier. There is also phone unlocking software available for Samsung users that may operate on a variety of older models.

how to unlock phone from carrier for free

For a long time, the United States has flipped-flopped on the legality of unlocking phones. The FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) ultimate decision, however, is overwhelmingly in favor of the customer. Yes, unlocking phones is legal.

More crucially, the FCC has ordered that if a customer requests it, all carriers must unlock their phone for free.

However, you must first determine if your phone is suitable for unlocking. You won’t get a free pass from the FCC if you try to defraud the carriers. Only “once you have finished the corresponding service contract, completed the device installment plan, or paid an early termination charge” can you unlock the gadget, it says.

So, how can you know if your phone is network-locked or not? Unless you bought an unlocked phone on purpose, it’s most likely locked.

Why Should You Unlock Your Phone?

how to unlock phone from carrier for free

The most significant advantage of unlocked phones is that you are no longer reliant on a single operator. You have complete freedom to switch networks as you see fit, allowing you to utilize the SIM that best suits your needs in any part of the United States.

Unlocked phones are also quite useful while traveling internationally. When you arrive in any nation, purchase a local SIM card and use it. It will be significantly less expensive than accruing international call and data rates.

Finally, unlocked phones are great backup phones. An unlocked mobile gets the job done whether your regular phone isn’t working or someone wants to borrow a gadget for a few days.

Go to Carrier for Free Device Unlock

Let’s imagine you have a locked phone that you’d want to unlock. You want the safest and cheapest method possible, maybe even a free phone unlock. Here are some options for you.

How to unlock phone from carrier for free?

Going to the carrier is the first and best option. It’s entirely free to unlock your phone if you’re qualified!

how to unlock phone from carrier for free

According to the FCC: “If a device is suitable for unlocking, participating carriers may not charge additional costs to existing or former consumers. Non-customers and past customers may be charged a price to unlock eligible devices.”

To see if your phone is eligible for unlocking, follow these steps:

  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Verizon

If your phone qualifies, you may either request a free device unlock online or visit a shop. Here are the direct links to each carrier’s contact information:

  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Verizon: Call Verizon at (888)294-6804 or dial *611 on your Verizon Wireless Prepaid phone.
  • Sprint: Call 855-639-4644 or visit the Sprint Unlocking FAQs.

Ways to Unlock Phones for Free or Cheap

Get a Network Unlock Code Online

You should unlock your phone through your carrier if possible. However, if you aren’t qualified under their conditions but still want to unlock it, you’ll have to do so through a third party. However, it is unlikely to be free.

There are a plethora of places on the internet that offer network unlock codes for your specific handset. You should anticipate to spend up to $30 depending on the nation you’re in, the phone’s manufacturer, and the carrier you choose. If the vendor demands for additional money, say no because you can get sim unlock codes for less money elsewhere. Unlock codes may be purchased for as little as $10.

You may do this on your own by Googling “unlock my phone online,” but we looked at internet reviews and comments to locate sites that typically work and give refunds if the code doesn’t. Here are some of the most reputable sources for phone unlocking codes:

  • Unlock Radar
  • Release My Code
  • The Unlock Arena
  • Doctor Sim

While all of these sites are charged, Free Unlocks offers free unlock codes. This website is a member of the TrialPay network, which means you can acquire your first network unlock code for free. Of course, you’ll have to sign up for TrialPay as part of it.

Customers of Free Unlocks have routinely received free unlock phone codes and successfully unlocked their phones’ sims, according to online sources.

Use Unlocking Software for Samsung Phones for Free

If you have a Samsung Android phone, one desktop application promises to be able to unlock it for free. Although Wondershare’s Dr. Fone Toolkit is a commercial Windows tool, you may still use it to receive a free list of Samsung unlock codes.

You may test out the SIM unlocking service for free with the trial version. You’ll need a USB cord to connect your phone to the computer, which you’ll find under the More Tools area.

Dr. Fone Toolkit is intended to be the software that allows phones to be unlocked for any network. However, it is a little out of date and may not work with all latest Samsung phones. Nonetheless, it claims to offer a list of Samsung unlock codes for over 400 models in 60 countries. The following is a complete list of devices that are supported.

And, if you’re concerned, Dr. Fone has a live customer service line, a money-back guarantee, and claims that the program will not harm your data.

how to unlock phone from carrier for free

How to unlock your iPhone for use with a different carrier

You may use your iPhone with several carriers when you unlock it.

It’s possible that your iPhone is carrier-locked. You may use your iPhone with several carriers when you unlock it. Follow these steps to call your carrier and unlock your iPhone.

You don’t need to use the methods in this article if you don’t wish to transfer carriers and your smartphone is locked because you forgot the passcode.

Find out how to change your passcode.

Contact your carrier

  1. Your iPhone can only be unlocked by your carrier. Make a request for an unlock from your carrier. For unlocking, your account may need to satisfy certain criteria. It may take a few days to process your request once you submit it. Check the progress of your unlock request with your carrier.
  2. Follow the procedures below when your carrier certifies that your iPhone has been unlocked.

If you have a SIM card from a different carrier than the one you’re using now,

To finish unlocking your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Remove the SIM card from your phone.
  • Remove the old SIM card and replace it with the new one. Your device will turn on.

If you don’t have a spare SIM card

To finish unlocking your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Make a backup of your iPhone.
  • Erase your iPhone after you’ve made a backup.
  • Restore your iPhone from your recent backup.

Get help

You may see the following error on your computer or iPhone: “The SIM card in this iPhone does not appear to be compatible. To activate iPhone, you must use a compatible SIM card from a supported carrier. Please use the SIM card that comes with your iPhone or go to a carrier shop that accepts it.”

how to unlock phone from carrier for free

If you get this message on your iOS 14 smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > About.
  2. You should notice a notification that states “No SIM limitations” under Carrier Lock.
  3. Contact your carrier if you don’t see that message.

Use these methods if your smartphone is running iOS 13 or earlier:

  1. Check with your carrier to see whether the unlock has been applied to their system.
  2. Reset your iPhone to its its settings.
  3. Use a backup to restore your iPhone.

Final thought

Take a moment to verify if the sim is locked the next time you buy a phone. At first glance, a SIM-locked phone is significantly less expensive than an unlocked phone. However, there are hidden expenses, such as phone-specific rates and plans, as well as a lock-in time.

That is why we constantly advise you to get unlocked phones to save hundreds of dollars. The ability to switch between different cell plans and swap SIM cards when traveling will save you more money than the original price difference between locked and unlocked devices. wishes you the best of luck!

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