How To Take Out A Drill Bit ~ How To, How Do You Get A Stuck Drill Bit Out Of A Drill

I recently bought a Bosch PSB 500 RE power drill and already I kinda screwed up the machine.

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The chuck is keyless, consisting of two parts which I”ll refer to as the head and the base. You would hold the base and rotate the head relative to the base to loosen or tighten the bit.

The machine is also equipped with a grip that is located on the drill body just before the base of the chuck.

While drilling this grip slipped and caught the base, stopped it from turning, so that only the head of the chuck was turning in the grip direction.

Now the whole chuck is too tight and it seems I can”t release the bit any more. Any solutions?

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I tried wearing gloves, it didn”t help. I also tried putting some WD40, but that didn”t help because the bit is way too tight.

I heard that the chuck assembly can be replaced, what do you think?

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Put the drill in reverse, firmly grip the chuck (the part you were calling the head) and gently squeeze the trigger up the point that you cannot hold on. If you hear clicking, and it doesn”t torque very much, you need to turn the torque setting up to the maximum (the highest number, or the drill setting if it has one). If it still doesn”t budge and you”re not able to hold the chuck against the force of the drill, you may want to use something stronger than your hand to hold the chuck. A strap wrench is well designed for this task and won”t damage the chuck.

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That happens once in a while with such chucks. Been there, loosened that. Don”t worry.

When all else fails I wrap the chuck ring in cloth and use a pipe wrench. Sometimes only more torque can help. Just be sure you”re turning it in the right direction.

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I tried all the suggestions I could find on the internet that worked for others, but none worked for me as my drill bit was way more stuck than theirs I guess!

The suggestions (and the result, so you are warned what could go wrong if you try it!):

hold the chuck and run the drill in reverse – I nearly burned my hand. Tried it with a thick gardening glove on, and still nearly burned my hand.soak the head in WD40 to loosen the bit – nothing gained from this for mehit the drill bit into the chuck as this helps release the jaws inwards – despite multiple bashes with a hammer nothing budged and the drill bit was no more loose than when I first starteduse a strap wrench – the only way to do this was to grip around the chuck and run the drill in the opposite direction. As the drill bit was so stuck and the drill torque was so high it was the drill (rather than the chuck) that started to rotate and started moving towards drilling into my arm!

In the end I used two strap wrenches, one at the point the chuck should be turned and one just below. With the drill battery disconnected I was practically standing on the chuck to put enough force into the strap wrenches. There was so much force the chuck distorted into an oval (and this was a high quality drill), but eventually it popped and the drill bit came free.

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Incidentally I oiled the chuck afterwards as it was very stiff (despite the previous oiling) which was probably a contributing factor to how stuck the drill bit was.

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