How To Spell Charlie For A Girl, How To Spell The Name Charlie For A Girl

Growing up with a name that had multiple spellings was annoying, to say the least. When looking at baby names, I prefer the traditional spelling. For Charlotte, I would nickname Charlie, is that how to spell it when you gender-bend it?

Yes – I get called Charlie and I much prefer this spelling to Charli or Charly.

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I would just spell it Charlie honestly. Maybe Charley or Charly for something different.

I know a Charlotte and a Charlene who are known as Charlie.I also know a Charlotte known as Charley.I know 3 females called Charli, Charleigh and Charlee, these are their given names though, not nicknames.

Yup, Charlie is how I would spell it. I’ve always liked Charlotte nn Charlie.


I know a little girl named Charli (that’s her full first name) and I’m not a fan. Too cutesy.

My cousin is named Charlotte and she goes by Charli.

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Charlie. You don’t get anything from Charley or Charli that you don’t get from Charlie, so why wouldn’t you just spell it properly?

I love Charlie as a nickname for Charlotte. But I think it should just be spelt Charlie, no other creative way. It’s a great name so I don’t think there’s any need


Charley* is how I’d spell it for a boy or girl but there’s nothing wrong with Charlie either.

It starts getting silly when people make something ‘trendy’ like Charli or Charleey.

*Removing the ‘s’ from Charles and replacing it with a ‘y’ seems the most logical way of spelling the nickname to me.

I knew a Charliegh once (yes, iegh) and she hated her name. It was always a burden and nobody ever spelled it right. I’d choose Charlie. It’s darling and the original spelling ends in ‘ie’ so it’s not as if there’s no femininity about it whatsoever.

Definitely Charlie. If the gender thing is an issue, Disney had a show that recently ended (after four years) called Good Luck Charlie. The Charlie was a little girl named Charlotte, who was always called Charlie. I think that might have helped make that spelling a bit more unisex.

Plus that, the Charlotte’s I know who are my age all go by Charlie (that’s about 4-5 girls). I think just going for the most common spelling is going to be easiest.

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FWIW – I know three girls who have this as their legal given name – one is Charlie, one spelled Charley, and one spelled Charlee.

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