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I have a whole bunch of models that i want to submit as Gmod map props. but i don”t know how. what do i have to do?what do i save it as?is there any code?


Well depending on what game they are for / from, it shouldnt be that hard to bring them into gmod. let us know exactly what types of models ( ragdolls, static_prop, physics_prop, etc..) that they are.

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…their custom models. their not from any game.


Ask Maestro, he”s a pro on that.

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Ok, so you made them yourself.? are they already compiled to be ready for a source game? or are they 3d objects in 3DSMax / Milkshape / XSI? If they are just the models, then you will need to compile them first. Then a few simple steps should get you to importing into Gmod. Reply and let me know how far these custom models are along the way. Single sentences dont help much. 🙁
Thier custom models that i made in 3dsMax8do i need to compile it just like if i were for source? with studiocompiler? i know how to do that. or do i need to change the game path on sutdiocompiler?
K that helps a little more. well to be honest, ive never compiled with 3dsmax, only XSI. But if you have compiled to a source game before, then what you can do, is compile exactly the same way u compiled for another source game. Then once all the files are compiled and the texture files are ready, u can actually just copy n paste them (while holding the same directory structure) into your gmod folder. Then all u would have to do is edit in your C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppsSourceModsgmod9settingsmenu_propscreate or edit an existing text file (possibly the custom models text file) and add a new line and path for your model, so you can press Q and bring it in game using the model finder in gmod.Let me know if that helps bro, I will assist you as much as i can.

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So models still go in modelsweapons and materials still go in materialsmodelsweaponsand when i compile for source, i include animations + stuff. i don”t need to do that for this do i?
I hate to say it, but sadly i havnt gotten to deep into modeling / “hacking” weapons into games. though i wish i knew how and am dying to learn, i dont know really anything to be honest about changing weapon models and animation. I have only compiled prop models and physics models into gmod. But honestly, it should work nearly just the same as any other source game. You can always try and find on fpsbanana, a similiar model / prop that has consistency to what your trying to import / complile. Then you can see directory structures and read me info, and/or send a direct question to someone that has created a similiar model that you are trying to create. sorry bro, wish i could help u more with that. the best thing i could think of, is try the thing above, or go to garrys mod official website and look in the forums for editing / modding, etc. lots of useful info there as well.hope that helps man. let me know if theres more i can answer.

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