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Killing a Simis not for the weak. It have the right to be complicated to watch a center suffer and cry the end for help. Yet it\"s a great way to get rid of annoying Townies or ex-husbands. When a center is gone, that\"s it! just kill the Sims you really desire to go. Death lasts forever.


Ever due to the fact that the original Sims was released, there were a few methods that were practically guaranteed to death your Sim. The complying with are ways human being through the years have actually most typically killed off their Sims.

death a sim by Fire

If the Sim has actually low cooking points, have them chef supper either with the range or BBQ. There is a substantial chance they'll begin a fire.

Got a fireplace? location a rug and/or paintings close to the fireplace. Have actually the center light the fireplace, and also just wait.

death a sim by Starvation

Sims have to eat, right? Well, make certain they don't and also they will surely die.

To death a sim by starvation, entice them right into a room, then eliminate the door and replace it v a wall. Placed a radio in the room, and also have them revolve it on so they don't get any kind of sleep.

This is a daunting way to clock them die. They will certainly plead because that fun, food, and also may wet their pants. It's a painfully slow-moving process. So, unless you're yes, really morbid, scroll over to a different part of the house.

kill a center by Electrocution

Electrocution is the the very least efficient way to death a Sim. The possibilities of a sim being electrocuted when repairing things (a TV, because that example) or replacing a light pear is really low. However, if they don't have any kind of mechanical skills, the threat of death increases and makes this a viable option.

Sims have the right to be killed by electrocution in two ways. First, when repairing one object, favor a TV or computer. Second, when turning on an appliance once standing in water.

kill a sim by Drowning

If you desire to torture and eventually death a Sim, drowned is a reasonable option. To drown a Sim, have actually them swim in a pool. When they are swimming enter build mode and also remove the ladder.

Some Sims deserve to swim forever, however once they acquire tired and also don\"t discover the ladder, a believed bubble appears with a ladder. It is in patient, eventually, they give up and also the Grim reaping machine comes for them.

Starting through Sims 3, remove the ladder doesn't work because the ladder continues to be fixed. Instead, drown your sim by structure a wall surface around the pool.

Most civilization turn to the four tried and true methods noted above come wipe the end their Sim. However, there room a couple of unconventional, lesser-known approaches that finish a Sim\"s life. Castle aren\"t as challenging to find as cheat codes, however once friend know around them, her Sims will never be for sure again.

Flies deserve to Kill

Starting with Sims 2, if your center doesn't wash the dishes, the kitchen i do not care overwhelmed through flies the swarm and kill her Sim.

It's one unusual method to die, considering that the common housefly isn't commonly lethal. However apparently, the flies in the Sims games are particularly lethal.

Hail is deadly

In Sims 2, if your sim roams about too lengthy out in a storm, an unanticipated hail storm can take castle out.

Hail is particularly painful method to die, for this reason don't go v this option unless you yes, really don't like your Sim and would choose to watch them suffer.

Beware the the Elevator

In the world of Sims 2, as soon as a sim gets on an elevator, there's a high possibility that the doors close early on or the the elevator starts moving before the Sim has finished entering.

To save your center safe, opt because that the stairs if friend can. However if you really don't care around your Sim, walk ahead and gamble by taking the elevator.

Laughter can Be deadly

In Sims 4, making your sim laugh might make lock die. It sounds strange, but the danger comes from getting a center so hysterical that they literally autumn dead indigenous laughing for this reason hard.

This happens from city hall a comedy ~ above TV, analysis a funny book, or something as mundane as acquisition a balloon bath.

fatality in the 'University' development Pack

The college is a an excellent place because that your sim to make friends, but who knew that going come college could be for this reason dangerous? The truth is that college-bound Sims challenge a wide selection of dangerous, life-threatening situations.

Vending machines: have actually your sim shake a vending machine. It might fall on peak of them and also crush them.Death through megaphone: before you decide to rotate your Sim into a vocal megaphone-touting activist, take into consideration that it might attract the Grim Reaper.Collapsible beds: one of the easiest methods to death your sim in this growth pack is to close the bed if your center is laying in it.

death in the 'Showtime' development Pack

Does her Sim desire to end up being famous? download the Showtime growth pack and also make it possible. There are plenty of work for Sims in the miscellaneous Sims games, yet entering the field of showbiz introduces a number of fatal dangers for her beloved Sims.

Fail as a magician: getting started as a magician can be pretty tough. But if friend send your center to game crowds with specific tricks like hidden Alive or Watery Escape, her Sim could actually fail the trick and die. The odds room low, however the opportunity of fatality is always there.Singing to death: who knew the being a singer could be deadly? If your sim is unlucky, lock might capture on fire while singing to the crowd.

Other growth Pack Deaths

Most growth packs encompass one or two new ways that your Sim can die.

Jelly Bean bush (Supernatural): eat jelly bean from this bush has a low opportunity of dice by fire, electrocution, or death.Transmutation (Supernatural): If you want to gamble with some fatal spells, have actually your Sim actors the transmutation assignment one too plenty of times. Her Sim will accidentally turn themselves into a statue.Deadly Mummy (Adventures): explore the tombs and also hopefully encounter a mummy that will curse her Sim and kill them.

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Lightning (Seasons): have actually your center walk approximately outside throughout a storm in the Seasons development pack and risk getting struck by lightning.