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I really would like to improve my jump off of one foot in order to dunk. Thing is, most things i can find online say practice doing box jumps, strengthen your legs, grip the ball better, etc. that is not my problem. I easily have the leg strength to do it, because I can stand and dunk off of two feet if Im feeling good. I can jump way higher off of two feet than one foot. Any guides to improve my footing and technique to jump higher?

Also besides doing fingertip pushups, any tips to improve palming the ball? I have incredibly small hands for being 6'3

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Not sure if there is a way to train to specifically get higher on one leg, besides just practicing it. Can't you try dunking off of two legs running down the lane/in a game too? What's key to work on there is getting use to jumping off of your opposite plant foot and using your off hand. That way you can drive and dunk on both sides. I'm 6'3 and a two foot jumper also

Exercises for increasing your vertical will help your 2 foot and one foot jump. If you want to improve your 2 foot jump, increasing your core strength will help. Lots of jump rope, jumping squats, Russian lunges, calf raises, wall sits, etc. will improve your vertical. I did a mixture of these things and saw my hops go from touching the backboard to the rim in 2-3 weeks. For palming, just increase your grip strength. Look up the squeezy thingies that increase grip strength, I can't remember at all what they're called.

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One leg takeoff is mostly technique. Build up speed, keep the chest up, jump upwards instead of outward, etc. There's countless videos explaining the technique involved. Just repeated practice is best until you do it once and it all finally just clicks.

They say there are two types of jumping. Power jumping or 2 footed jumping and leaping which is the one footed jump. Everyone is better at one over the other due to your genetics. Leaping is more of an elastic movement so if you want to get better at it you need to be able to run faster and transfer that energy into your vertical. I would practice jumping off of one foot by sprinting to a basket and trying to jump as straight as you can and touching a point on the backboard without drifting past the backboard. If you have played or watched volleyball, they have an approach to the net and then jump straight up because they can't touch the net.


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