How To Get To Stark Mountain Platinum, How Do I Get To Stark Mountain

Pokemon Platinum Guide – Sidequests

Route 227 and Stark Mountain

Items: Charcoal, Zinc, Ether, Life Orb, Escape Rope, PP Up, Burn Heal, Full Restore, Iron Ball, Max Revive, Calcium, Ultra Ball, Max Elixir, TM50, Revive, Iron

————————— ——————————- | Pokemon | | Pokemon | ————– ———— ————- —————– | Banette | Lv. 54 | | Camerupt | Lv. 56, 58 || Camerupt | Lv. 55 | | Geodude | Lv. 25, 27, 29 || Fearow | Lv. 54-55 | | Golbat | Lv. 54, 56 || Golbat | Lv. 54 | | Graveler | Lv. 55, 57 || Graveler | Lv. 54, 56 | | Machoke | Lv. 56, 58 || Numel | Lv. 22, 24 | | Magcargo | Lv. 55-58 || Rhydon | Lv. 55 | | Onix | Lv. 54, 56 || Rhyhorn | Lv. 22, 24 | | Slugma | Lv. 25, 27, 29 || Skarmory | Lv. 56 | | Weezing | Lv. 56, 58 || Weezing | Lv. 55 | ————- —————– ————– ———— < Route 227 >

Proceed northwest. Get on your bike, gain enough speed and use the ramp to jump over the rocks. Continue west past two Trainers. After beating Felicia,head down then left. You”ll run into Damion and Wake here. Rest in the cabin. Go up the stairs to the right. Get on your bike. Pedal left thendown along the plank. Grab the ZINC near Mikayla. Backtrack and climb downthe wall. Grab the CHARCOAL at the east side. Climb back up, head north,east, then south. After beating Griffin, continue up to Stark Mountain.

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< Stark Mountain : Outside Cave >

Go north to find an an ETHER on the tall grass. Turn back and Rock Climb upthe wall to the left of the stairs. Defeat Darien and Rock Climb down. Goleft, then up the next wall to get a LIFE ORB. Proceed into the cave.

< Stark Mountain : Area 1 >

Smash the rock as soon as you enter the cave. Next, push the boulder 2 tilesto the right then all the way down to the bottom of the ladder. Grab theESCAPE ROPE nearby. Go back to the fork and head right afterwards. Push thetop and bottom boulders right, then push the center one up. Continue south up the ladder to get a PP UP.

Navigate your way up the ledges. There is a BURN HEAL around the corner tothe left of one of the ledges. After obtaining the said item, turn back andpush the boulder past the first ladder, go up, then down at the next one.Pick up the FULL RESTORE. Continue heading up to the next area.

< Stark Mountain : Area 2 >

Buck will be joining you here, and will fully heal your Pokemon after eachbattle. His Claydol is pretty useful too. Also, note that you cannot useRock Climb, or your bike while Buck is with you. Now, this part of themountain is large and somewhat confusing, though I”ll do what I can toexplain it. Your destination is to the north of the entrance to this area.But you”ll have to weave around the western portion of this place to getthere.

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Start off by making your way to the northwest corner, via the lower levelto reach the TM50 OVERHEAT. You can pick up a CALCIUM in a trench at thecenter of the area. After getting that item, return to Krystal and Ray”sposition. From there, continue further north down the next ladder. Follow the path all the way down to a rock, and examine it to get a REVIVE.

Go past Chelsey and Sterling at the southeast-most portion of the area, tofind an IRON BALL in a trench there. Now, navigate to the northeast sectionof this place and head right. Defeat both Trainers. Check the rocks to theleft of the old man to get an IRON. Proceed up the ladder and head leftfor a MAX REVIVE.

Return to the northeast section, go down a little bit then left. Climb upthe ladder. Continue northwest down the next ladder. Just follow the pathhaeding west, battling 2 pairs of Trainers along the way. When you see aladder heading down, take it and go right along the trench. Push theboulder out of the way and head up the ladder into the next area.

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After Buck leaves, use an Escape Rope to get off the mountain. Go back tothe Survival Area. There, go into the house to the left of the PokemonCenter. Talk to Buck. Buy plenty of Ultra Balls at the Poke Mart too. Makeyour way back to the Stark Mountain afterwards.

You should be able to get the remaining treasures in Area 2, now that youcan use Rock Climb. The items include a MAX ELIXIR and a NUGGET. Head forthe cave where Buck got the stone. You should find Heatran waiting there.Save your game first then talk to it

—————————————————————- | Legendary Pokemon Heatran | —————————————————————- | Heatran is a fire-type Pokemon, so avoid using Grass and Ice || Pokemons in this battle. It is weak against Ground and Water || attacks though. Heatran knows Lava Plume, which can leave || Burns if it hits. Bring in a Pokemon that has high Defense and || Special Defense (like Dialga) and hope that your target only || uses Scary Face and Iron Tail on you. Start throwing Ultra or || Dusk Balls when Heatran has very little HP left. | —————————————————————-

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