How To Get To Mt Pyre Emerald, What Must You Do At After You&#39Ve Been To Mt

Heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and you”ll find your rival in front of the Lilycove DepartmentStore behind the Pokemon Center. After beating her, go to the Lilycove Museum, and talk to the old man blockingthe staircase. He”ll take you upstairs and tells you he needs paintings to be hung on the second floor. You canalso check out the Lilycove Department Store. It have five floors full of items, and a rooftop with a vending machine.At the ground floor, you”ll be able to get a free Lottery Ticket once per day. If the ticket”s number matches yourPokemon”s ID number in a certain way, you”ll be able to get a prize.

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To the right of the store is the Move Deleter”s House. Here you can delete unwanted moves, and even HMs! Keep on going right, andtalk to the old man. He”ll give you a Pecha Berry. Go down, and into the house with the old man standing outside. Talkto the only person inside, and he”ll give you TM44 – Sleep. After all that, leave the city through the west exit. Keepon going west until you reach the dock.

Mt. Pyre and Route 122


Surf east and then south. You”ll soon reach Mt. Pyre. Talkto the old lady to get a Cleanse Tag. A Pokemon holding it will ward off wild Pokemon. Go up the stairs to battle all the trainers, and get all the items.

Go downstairs and head out through the exit at the left. You”ll see an Itemball, and it contains TM 48 – Skill Swap. Climb all the way to the top. As you climb, strong fog comes out. There are many tombstones with hidden items, soyou can try to look for some. Also as you go up, you”ll be fighting Team M/A members. Talk to the leader, andhe”ll go away. Here”s the story. On Mt. Pyre, there”s the Red Orb and the Blue Orb. One of the has been taken byTeam M/A, depending on your version (Ruby: Blue Orb taken; Sapphire: Red Orb taken). The old lady will giveyou the other orb that hasn”t been taken. Now fly to Slateport City.

Locations (Mt. Pyre and Route 122)

Stolen Submarine!

Go to the shipyard with a whole bunch of people around it. Talk to the person blocking the doorway, andhe turns out to be Capt. Stern, and is being interviewed. While your talking, you”ll hear Team M/A talk through themegaphone. They”re trying to steal the submarine, and you”ll need to follow Capt. Stern.

The PokeBlock Case

Now head to the Contest House in Slateport City. Talk to the little girl inside, and she”ll give you a PokeBlock Case. Now youcan mix Berries and get into the Safari Zone! To test it out, go to the Berry Blender where the twopeople are standing next to. Here you can make PokeBlocks. Here”s how to do it: When you arrow comes to your marker, simply press “A”. Yep, it”s that simple! Afterwards, a PokeBlock is made! To feed a PokeBlock to a Pokemon,open it up in the bag, and choose the PokeBlock that you want.

Now fly back to Lilycove City.

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Route 123

This is an optional route. That means you don”t have to go there. It”s Route 123, and is located southof Mt. Pyre. Once you get there, cut the tree to your right. Go up to fight a trainer, and then go downfor a Rare Candy. Go west, then north by cutting the trees. You”ll see an empty spot in the grass. Press “A” to it, and it turns outto be a Super Repel. Right below that is an Elixir. After that, the road splits into two, and eventually comes back as whenwhen you reach a small house.


This is the house of the Berry Master,an old man who”ll give you a Magost Berry and a Grepa Berry if you talk to him. Talk to his wife,choose a word, and she”ll give a Sitrus Berry. Next to their house is a wide variety of Berries for youto take. After walking a bit more, you”ll reach Route 118. Now fly back to Lilycove City.

Locations (Route 123)

Team M/A”s Hideout: Quite a Puzzle


Make sure you heal your Pokemon first. Then go east fromLilycove City, and you”ll soon reach the beach. Surf north from there, and you”ll find a cave, which turns out to be Team M/A”s Hideout. A member will come out to battle you after walking a bit. Go into to entrance, and you”ll see two white circles. Take the right one to get a Max Elixir. Come back out and take the left one. Keep on walking, and you”ll be battling two members.After that, go all the way west to the white circle that”s below the one you just came in through.You will see three circles here. This time, it”s a puzzle. Go to the one on the left. Then go left again, then once more. When you get the the final row on the bottom, go to the circle on the far left. You will be taken to a room with four Itemballs. However, the first two items are actually lv. 30 Electrode. The other one is a Nugget, and thencomes the thing you”ve been waiting for. The other item is a Master Ball! Now you can catch any Pokemon without any effort.Once you get all that, go back north using the same type of pattern, and go to the room with the two trainers again. Go to the circle on the right, and go into the entrance. You”ll see a member running around, so fight him. Go to the circle on the bottom,get the Nest Ball, go back, and go to the circle on the right of the room. Go upstairs now, and you”ll be challenged toa battle immediately after walking a few steps. Take the only other entrance, fight the member, and take the only other circle.


Here, you”ll see an Admin guarding the submarine. After beating him,the submarine will leave, and you”ll need to leave too by taking the bottom circle. After coming out, you”ll notice that allthe Team M/A people have left, so you can go east on the sea route of Route 124.

Route 124 and 125

These two routes are real short. All you have to do is keep on going east, and before you know it, you”ll arrive at Mossdeep City. But once you get there, don”t go on land. Instead, go north after hitting Route 125.

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Shoal Cave


There, you”ll find the Shoal Cave, and two girls are standing near it. Go in, surf up, and get into the entrance. As you surf, you”ll see a blue item. Pick it up, and you”ll find that it”s a Shoal Shell. There”s another Shoal Shell close by. Continue up, then left, and then down.You”ll find an Itemball with a Rare Candy. You”ll also two more Shoal Shells. Go straight down after getting the second one, and you”ll find a Big Pearl.If you bring the old man four more Shoal Salt, he”ll make you a Shoal Bell. Now you can get out of here, and go south to Mossdeep City.

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