Over the years, the Pokemon franchise has introduced a number of legendary Pokemon that deserve to be caught by the player, with a an excellent number of them accessible in the brand new Pokemon Omega Ruby and also Alpha Sapphire. If the initial Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald had Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza in the forefront, over there were also the new legendaries of Latios and Latias, among which could be caught in each of the three, the last of which was the choice of the player.

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As a remake of Generation III, players will have the possibility to get one of the two when again, likewise depending top top the variation picked. Those who room playing Pokemon Omega Ruby will acquire Latios while those play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire will obtain Latias. Luckily, fairly than having to uncover them with the frustrating arbitrarily encounter script seen v the three dogs that Johto, the player precise is given one here.

After defeating the protagonist’s father in Petalburg City and also getting the fifth gym badge, Wally will certainly ask the player come go with him to Mauville City. Do so as the player does not have actually Fly rather yet. Follow the path to the ideal after this and also you will at some point run right into Steven. Depending upon the version you have, Steven will have the various other of the pair that Latios or Latias, that will take it you both skyward.

At this point, the player will certainly come throughout Latias/Latios and have to protect it from one of two people Team Aqua or Team Magma, depending upon the variation you have. Specifically in Alpha Sapphire, you will face:

Aqua Admin Matt and Team Aqua Grunt

-Admin: Sharpedo – Level 31 (Water/Dark)

-Grunt: Grimer – Level 29 (Poison)


After beating these two, Latias/Latios will see you together a installation trainer and also ask to sign up with your team. Unlike most moments in the collection where girlfriend will need to go come a Pokemon Center and also open up a point out on your roster for it, the game will instantly let you select one in your party come send earlier to the PC. Now, you have your own Level 30 Latias or Latios.

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In addition, the player will also get the particular Mega development stone, in Latias’ case it is Latiasite. After ~ this, Steven will then provide you the Mega Bracelet together well, permitting you to accessibility Mega evolution for the an initial time in the game with your corresponding newly got legendary Pokemon.