How To Fix The Hose In Virtual Families ? What About Water Pressure

Okay so I figured out what to do with the wall compound stuff but whenever I put the mother or father to the bucket, they complain there”s no water pressure to turn on the hose. What do you do about that? And also how do you make a latte? They never seem to use the coffee pot.

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You need to fix the leaking hose outside the back door. Get the repair tape from store,turn on the kitchen sink water, tape the hose then the hose near the bucket will work.Stay on top of your peeps to fix the wall or the compound will dry up and go away. Putmore than one on the job. Don”t know about the latte, it must be a random act. I need tofind bugs!

insted of turning on the sink water just put them in the shower! Also yes, the latte is arandom act just keep an eye on the adults in the kitchen one person will soon make one.

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Thanks for all the info. And about the latte, ya it”s something random. But my people didit when I put them on the coffee pot. Just maybe try that. Hopefully it will work for you

Get waterproof tape, Drag a kid over to the tape (better if it”s a Kid in there teens).They will be confused about water pressure tap them,then drag them to there bedroom andmake them get a drink buy Sunscreen and put the guy next to then tape again. He will beginto tape the crack do not tap him or lift him just wait. Then he will leave and the waterpressure will come-hilary Fotheringham

Go to the sandbox and there will be a little door knob. Drag your person on the knob. Theywill fix the shed but not completely. Afterwards drag your person on the welcome mat onthe front steps. There will be a key that will unlock the shed door!

When it rains make your people swim or when they get sick don”t give them any rx i know itried if it don”t work for you sorry

In the landry room there is a green blue bucket drag your person on it they will start tounclog the toilet do the exact thing to the the shower

Your people should die around 60-67. If you don”t want to wait that long don”t give themmedicine don”t feed them and don”t reward them. Also make sure they aren”t happy and theyshould die quicker than usual at around 35-50. There you go!




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