Minecraft (Xbox/Ps) Tu19 How To Dismount Horse In Minecraft, How To Tame And Ride A Horse In Minecraft

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You can try mounting an untamed horse, but it will likely throw you off. If you try enough times, you may eventually be able to mount it.

Select the horse with an empty hand. You'll mount the horse, but you can't control its movements yet.

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Put a Saddle (or Horse Armor) on the horse. Open your inventory and drag the Saddle into the appropriate box beside your horse.

Ride your horse. To dismount, press the Sneak button. This button is different depending on your platform:

PC: Press the left Shift keyXbox: Press the right joystickPlayStation: Press the right joystickNintendo: Press the right joystickMobile: Tap the center button twice

If you hold down the jump button, the blue/green bar under your health will start to fill up. To jump, release the button before the bar depletes.

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What Do Horses Eat in Minecraft?

To tame a horse in Minecraft, feed them any of the following items:

Horse Breeding in Minecraft

Once you have tamed two horses, build a fence around them and feed each of them a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot. If you're lucky, hearts will appear above their heads, and you'll soon have a little colt. Feed the baby horse to make it grow into an adult. Wait at least five minutes before trying to breed your horses again.

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