How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Nintendo Switch ? How Do I Convince My Mom To Buy Me A Switch

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SonicFan91 here, and I have a minor problem, so here it is:How do I Convince My Parents to Get Me the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch?!


Now, you must understand, I already have a few consoles (Which I love to BITS!!!), but, whenever ANY NEW ONE is released, I start to feel REALLY LEFT OUT AND BEHIND.


You see, for the longest time, my family and I had a big, heavy, boxy, old fashion TV (with the big glass screen), and we couldn”t get a Wii U because:1. Our TV had no HDMI ports, so we wouldn”t be able to connect a new video game console to it,And…2. My parents wanted to wait until the Wii U came down in price from it”s ridiculous $300 before getting it.As if this wasn”t bad enough, the Wii U was then discontinued, because Nintendo wanted to move onto their fancy, brand NEW CONSOLE, the “NX” (My parents and I all liked this name better than the new one.).Then, it”s true name, the “Nintendo Switch” (Totally not as cool or appealing sounding as “NX”, but maybe more suiting a name.) was revealed, the console came out, and so did all my bottled up feelings. They”re all here.SO. Where does this leave us? Oh, yes, right, I”m AT LEAST TWO NINTENDO CONSOLES BEHIND everyone else.I”m not greedy or anything, and my parents and I love each other so, SO much, but, like any normal family, we can get annoyed at each other, and on each other”s nerves sometimes. Such as when one of them has been left behind on the latest trends and stuff…I would also like to mention that, on the Sonic the Hedgehog Topic, PrincessPanda_test_ offered up some good advice to help me, but, the School Year is pretty much close to being over right now, so I don”t know much about what else to do to impress them enough with my maturity, at least enough to get a new console or two. Here”s our little conversation:

SonicFan91 wrote:

PrincessPanda_test_ wrote:

SonicFan91 wrote:

goldfish678 wrote:

(head peeps out from under blanket) Does this mean.. does this mean all our “original OCs”.. are canon???That sounds exciting. It also sounds BOTH good AND bad, as well.Anyway… I wish I had a Nintendo Switch. Don”t get me wrong; I LOVE the consoles I already have, I”m just starting to feel left behind. I mean, I”ve already missed out on the Wii U, and I don”t think my parents will want to get me a Nintendo Switch, either. They don”t think it”s a very good console, and I agree that there are some problems with it, but I”m just going to miss out on a BUNCH of cool games, while you all have lots of fun with your new consoles and games.I”m sorry, I didn”t mean to rant, or whatever. Just had to get that out. But still, any tips on convincing my parents to get me a Wii U and a Nintendo Switch?! Get the Nintendo Switch only, not the Wii U (it was a big failure).

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That”s save them tons of money.To convince your parents to get, introduce the Switch to them, explain the benefits (For example, you can take it on the go!), and try to get them to buy the Swifch as a reward for good grades and such.Thanks…! I really appreciate the help, and I”m sorry that I didn”t reply sooner to this post, but…I kinda have my heart set on both of these consoles. My parents seem to like the idea of the Wii U a lot more than they do the Nintendo Switch. They think the Wii is the perfect console (and I have to agree with them on that), and that they could therefore adjust a lot easier to the Wii U than the Switch.I”ve wanted a Wii U for a while, like, ever since it came out. But, it never came down in price, and we also had an old fashion TV at that point (with the big, heavy glass screen), so we didn”t get one, and, even if we DID, it probably wouldn”t work with our television.Now, my family recently got our first high definition TV, so we”re set for the day that a new console comes into our home. I”ll bet that the next console we get will be a Wii U, so…My parents like to wait until things (specifically technology items,) come down in price to get them. Which is why I never got the Wii U. And, since they don”t make them anymore, I don”t know if we ever will. I mean, we could just get a used one, but my parents didn”t like that idea.Anyway, since I”m, like, AT LEAST two Nintendo consoles behind you guys, I”m also behind on a LOT of awesome games. And will I ever get to play them? It all depends. That”s why I also want a Nintendo Switch. I want to get BOTH the Wii U, and the Switch, before Nintendo moves onto the next console, and I can”t get THESE ones anymore. And, I need to get these sorts of things AFTER they come down in price, to please my parents. But, to please ME, I need to get these video game consoles ASAP so that I can always have the latest games to play, as well as the old ones.And, also, what am I supposed to do AFTER the school year is over to try to earn some video game consoles? Maybe do some chores and work around the house without being asked?So, this is my little problem. I”m really sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to try to be a little bit more clear here about my situation. Also, sorry I didn”t reply SOONER to your post, PrincessPanda_test_, but I just wanted to organize my thoughts, and maximize the, well, stuff in this post. Also a quick note for the Team, and also the Moderators of the Forums: I really do hope that this is a good fit for the forums… I really wanted to make this a thread, and I felt that “Things I”m Reading and Playing” would be a good fit, because, with you help, I could be playing some new games soon (or soon enough). Moderators, if you feel that this is not a good fit for this section of the forums, please, don”t just close the topic. I would really appreciate it if you instead moved it to the appropriate section of the forums.Also, my parents like the idea of a Wii U more than a Switch, but I kind of want BOTH, SO…So, basically, I think that”s it, and, if you have any suggestions, and or advice, to help me convince my parents to get me these new consoles (Well, they”re both new to ME.), please, feel free to reply to this post down below in the “New Reply” (or whatever it”s called) box. Please…

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