Solved: How To Bleed A Clutch On A Jeep Wrangler Yj, Solved: How To Bleed Slave Cylinder On Jeep Yj 4

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Last summer we put in a new slave cylinder and this year the master cylinder started leaking down the inside firewall. Well I just replaced it but I can”t get it to bleed out the air at all. I get fluid coming out in a steady stream but it will not build up pressure. The bleeder line also moves like it has a detent or something . I didn”t put the slave cylinder in a mechanic friend of mine did that so I don”t know if there is actually a detent or if the bleeder line is loose somehow. It will move about 1″ towards the transmission then stops and you can swing it back towards the line coming from the master cylinder and it stops there also. We have been trying to bleed this POS for 1/2 hour with no luck any ideas what might be going on?


Nope not that lucky buddy. Though I”m considering just getting the external slave cylinder bellhousing and slave cylinder so I can get to it easier from now on or maybe just put a 350 turbohydramatic auto in it as my left leg has permanent nerve damage anyway from when I broke my spine in 2 different places. Does anyone know if the bleeder line at the slave cylinder is just a press in with a roll pin to hold it in place like it is on the master cylinder end. If so that would explain the swinging movement from side to side. It did build up enough pressure to blow the supply line off the slave cylinder but it won”t bleed off.


Close the bleeder and keep pumping. It will take some time but the air should work out of it and make a stiffer pedal before you can bleed it.IIRC the line does have a roll pin holding it into the slave.

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I had my son pumping the pedal for over a 1/2 hour and it wouldn”t build any pressure. The fluid comes out steady with no air when i crack the bleeder but there isn”t any pressure on the pedal at all it will go right to the floor and this had a fairly stiff pressure plate before this problem. I have lloked at pics of the lines going into and coming out of the slavecylinder and they do appear to be pressed in and able to swivel but thanks for your response in that regard anyway. It just has me stumped that I can”t get it to build up pressure to activate the shifting fork and put pressure on the pressure plate. It did build up enough pressure in the supply line that it blew it apart at the press on fitting once but wouldn”t do it again.


Try opening the bleeder and smashing the pedal to the floor the close the bleeder before letting the pedal up. I”ve found that the best way to bleed 4 cylinder s10 clutches. Sent via Thunderbolt
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93yj? Fill up the reservoir, have someone hold the clutch pedal to the floor. Open the bleed screw (use 2 wrenches. Dont twist the line). Close bleed screw. Let pedal up. Repeat until no air spits out. Remember to keep the reservoir filled between pumps.Evo3D
93yj? Fill up the reservoir, have someone hold the clutch pedal to the floor. Open the bleed screw (use 2 wrenches. Dont twist the line). Close bleed screw. Let pedal up. Repeat until no air spits out. Remember to keep the reservoir filled between pumps.Evo3D
This is what we”ve been doing with no luck at all . We”ve tried it this way we”ve tried pumping the pedal up some then cracking the bleeder . Then we got mad enough he pumped it for over 1/2 hour til his leg was tired and it still wouldn”t build any pressure. I haven”t had any air come out after the first couple bleeds but it won”t build any pressure either if you press the clutch pedal it goes right to the floor with no resistance. I just happened to notice the bleeder line would swivel when the fitting blew off the supply line and I accidently hit the bleeder line while pushing the supply line back together.

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Yeah the bleeder line will swivel about an inch either way with the rubber isolator in place when I removed the isolator to try and get a look into the bellhousing with a flashlight and mirror it will swivel until it touches either the supply line or the bellhousing itself. I did get a look inside the bellhousing and nothing appears wet as in if it were leaking there. I had thought maybe the lines had fittings and the fitting nut came loose but this doesn”t appear to be the case either as they are the press in with the roll pin holding them in. It has me stumped . I will admit I”m fairly new to working on Jeeps but I have been working on cars, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, since the age of 11 and I”m 50 now and I even went to college for auto technology back in the 80″s so I”m not really incompetent but I don”t know if I”m missing some secret to get this thing bled. I have bled slave cylinders on other vehicles and many brakes throughout the years and have never come upagainst something like this. I can not find a leak anywhere but it won”t build any pressure at all and no air comes out when I open the bleeder . I mean at first it did but no air at all now and still no pressure. The pressure plate in this Jeep is alot stiffer than the one in our 06″ normally and IIRC the guy we got it from said it was an aftermarket one. Last summer when we had the trans out to replace the slave cylinder the clutch and pressure plate and flywheel were all in very good condition and it only had maybe 1,000 miles put on it since then as it”s just a play Jeep anyway.

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